Facebook 101 – Profile Page, Fan Page or Both???

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Why do you need to get on Facebook today?

There are 550,000,000 people on Facebook today!!  That is a HUGE audience!!  If you aren’t one of those, it’s time to get in on the action!!  If you haven’t created an account or used your current account to market your business, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the idea of getting started.  I know I did!  So I am going to lay it out in very basic way so that anyone can start taking advantage of this incredible social networking platform.  I am going to start super basic today with what type of Facebook page to create.  Together we will take baby steps toward making Facebook a huge asset to your life and your business!!!

1.  Should you create a Profile page or a Fan page or both??? 

I personally have both.  I love Facebook for personal AND for business but I don’t want to shove my business information in my friend’s and family’s faces all the time. So I created a fan page as well.  The difference and some fun facts about each:

Profile Page

·      Will only allow up to 5,000 friends on a profile page - Seems like a ton, right? Well, once you start building your network, over time this will add up fast!  Fill up your network with valuable friends, ones that you can learn from and network with. 
·      You can still brand yourself with just a profile page – Personal Branding is a term that we have all been hearing and seeing a lot of these days.  It’s the latest trend and the wave of the future.  Basically, you are branding yourself as a leader versus just promoting your business name.  You can still reach this personal branding goal with a personal profile page.  But some choose to go the fan page route to put a little line in between personal and professional.  This is a total personal preference.

Below you will find the homepage of Facebook when you visit http://www.facebook.com/.  This is where you will setup your account.  Fill out the “Sign Up” portion to create a personal profile page OR click on the “Create a Page” link to setup a Fan Page (see below circled in red).

Fan Page

·      You cannot add friends on a fan page - People can only “Like” your page and follow it.  So this is a one way street as far as following is concerned.
·      You can have unlimited fans - Unlike the profile page, there is no limit as to how many people who can have following you.
·      You can promote a fan page with advertising such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) -This is an advanced option that you can opt to use once you get familiar with Facebook.

If you already have a personal profile page setup, which I’m sure most of you do, you can click on the “Ads and Pages” link in the sidebar of your homepage once you are logged into Facebook.  There you will find the “Create a Page” option.  Once you click on that, you will reach the screen below.  Choose which type of page you wish to create.  If you wish to brand your name, choose “Public Figure.”  If you wish to brand your blog, like I have for example, you can choose “Brand, Product or Organization.”  If you wish to just list your business name, choose “Local Business.”

2.  How to set up your pages to make them attractive and functional?

This is important!  You want your friends and fans to be able to easy navigate through your pages to find the important information that you are delivering.


  • Info – Here you will list your Interests, Contact Information, Websites, etc.  Be as detailed as you’d like.
  • Pictures – Adding pictures to your page will help your friends/fans get to know you better.  It will make you more real and personable and your page more warm and inviting.  I love to add family pictures to my pages of my kids and I and our life.
  • Blog - If you have a blog, you can make a tab for it for easy access.
  • Discussions (for fan pages only) Here you can start discussion topics and interact with your fans in a private forum type setting.
  • Additional Tabs There are also additional tabs that you can create by clicking on the “+” tab.

“Write something about yourself” box

In this box, you will just place a quick, little blurb about yourself, what you are representing or trying to deliver.  For example, mine says Thoughts, experiences, inspiration and more from a Work at Home Mom! http://www.TheSavvyWAHMom.com/.

See below for screenshot of the above steps:

3.  Adding Friends/Promoting Fan Page

Now that you have your page(s) setup, it’s time to share them!! 

Adding Friends for your Profile page

  • Search for your friends, family, business partners, team members, etc.
  • In the sidebar of your homepage, you will see the “People you may know” feature (see below in   screenshot).  This is a feature that Facebook has in place to connect you with new friends.  It will pull friends of your friends on there, otherwise known as Mutual Friends.
  • Look up your Networks.  For example, go up to the search box and type in your company name.  Anyone who has listed themselves as a part of that company will appear.

Getting Likes/Fans on your Fan Page
  • Place link on Blog – If you already have a blog setup, definitely include a Facebook Plugin on there so people can easily reach your fan page and “like” it.  (See sidebar to the right of this post to see mine)
  • Suggest to Friends – Once you have your fan page setup, you can invite all of your friends from your personal profile to “like” your fan page.  It’s a very simple step.  From your fan page’s homepage, click on the “Suggest to Friends” link and choose which friends you wish to invite.  I highly recommend including a personal note from you on there, something short and sweet like: “Hey there!! I am so happy to invite you to be a part of my fan page.  I’m truly looking forward to sharing some valuable content with everyone and I would feel honored to have you be a part of it!  I hope you are having a beautiful day! ~KristieJ 

Adding People for both Personal Profiles and Fan Pages

I absolutely love this method as I LOVE to help my friends and business partners out!  If you have a friend or business partner who is also getting started on Facebook and promoting a personal profile or fan page, suggest to your friends to add and/or like them.  Same steps as above, super simple!  Have your friend(s) return the favor by promoting you!!  I’ve personally done this and it works wonders!  I would also be happy to do it again for any of my readers.  So just let me knowJ  My goal is to help us all reach success and together, we TRULY can achieve more!!

I hope this information was helpful for you!!  Feel free to pass it on to anyone you feel could benefit from it, your friends, new team members, anyone you’d likeJ  I’m looking forward to sharing more Facebook tips over the next few weeks!  Stay tuned for “How to Brand Yourself by using your Profile and Fan Page”.


Playing as a Team

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“The way a team plays as a whole determines it’s success.  You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” ~Babe Ruth

We value individual skills, celebrating them with praise, awards and money.  But few achievements are entirely the work of a single individual.  Most involve collaboration to some degree.  Personal success depends not only on individual performance, but on the support of colleagues, friends and family.

Learning how to use one’s individual skills to work well in a group is a lifelong challenge.  Luckily, it’s an enjoyable challenge.  We can be proud when we have personal success, but there’s something especially wonderful about being a part of a team that’s successful.

I know how much I depend on the efforts of those I work with.  I am soooo grateful for my amazing team!! It is an honor to work with each of you everyday:)

Hope you are all having a very beautiful and productive day!

Experience and Character

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“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success acheived.” ~Helen Keller
We may wish for an easier life at times, but we know that the way we handle ourselves in the difficult periods is what truly shapes who we are. The people we admire most aren’t those who’ve had everything given to them. They are the people who have had to work hard and even suffer to acheive what they have acheived.
We can handle life’s tragedies and setbacks.  We don’t welcome these events, but we recognize that they have much more to do with defining our character than the happy times do.
Have a beautiful Wednesday!!!!!

The Secrets to a Successful Home Business

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I’ve been working at home for almost five years now and I get more and more excited everyday.  When I first started, I was really excited to make a positive change in my life.  As you’ve probably read on the “About Kristie” page on here, I was in a very bad situation.  But I needed a change and knew that my home business would be the answer.  Having had no experience when I started my home business, it was my very first home anything, I had no idea how I was going to reach success and a full time income from home but I KNEW that I would.  I had 0% skill but I had 100% attitude!  I vowed from day one to make this happen instead of making excuses.  I knew there would be good days and bad days but as long as the good days out weighed the bad, it was a success!!  I’ve always worked hard every day consistently and the small daily efforts over time added up to a beautiful thing!  And now it’s my passion to give back and help everyone who wants it reach the same success and beyond!  There is so much room at the top in this industry, that’s the beautiful thing.  This doesn’t just happen for some people, it happens for everyone who wants it!!  And if you’re reading this, you have taken a step in the right direction.

There are a few different variables that have to meet together to build a successful business, the opportunity, the coaching, the marketing, prospecting skills, etc.  But the main ingredients and secrets to building a successful home business is attitude and consistency.  If you have them, you can move mountains.  If you don’t, it will paralyze and disable your home business.

I remember when I was new, I used to always email my mentor these LONG emails with questions, my thoughts, concerns…..having never done anything like this before, I wanted to make sure I was doing this and doing it right.  I didn’t want to miss a thing!  I wanted to hit my first promotion in 30 days, I didn’t hit it until two months.  Then I wanted to hit my next promotion like yesterday and got SO impatient.  I remember many of my emails to my mentor I was asking “What’s the secret, am I missing something?”  She would always come back and say “You just have to be consistent day in and day out and when you are, over time, amazing things will happen.  It will all fall into place.”  And you know, we can hear that over and over and over again but until we truly see it happen, we don’t really understand the truth of it.

What I’ve learned from my home business is that pretty much the success of anything in life involves being consistent.  If you’re trying to lose weight and get into shape, that doesn’t happen over night.  It takes weeks and months, and sometimes could take a year or more.  And it’s hard work, there are bumps in the road, we have setbacks, we have bad days and binge eat the bag of Oreos in the pantry, but we pick ourselves up, dust of the crumbs and start fresh the next day with the right eating and exercise patterns.  In marriage, anyone who has ever been married KNOWS that takes consistent daily effort.  You can’t just ignore it and expect it to thrive, you have to work at it.  If you ignore it, it starts to fail.  If you nurture it, it thrives.  It takes daily effort.  The key word and what a lot of people find exhausting is the “effort” part.  But anything in life of worth is going to take hard work.  That’s how we appreciate it more.  What we’re working for here is financial freedom, the ability to be able to work for a few years and retire with a lifetime residual income.  That’s not going to come at a super easy small price.  It’s too big to be worth so little time.  But the alternative is working for someone else and making them rich for the next forty years.  So, work consistently for yourself at home for a few years and have a lifetime residual income OR work constantly for someone else for 40+ years and retire with barely anything.  It’s a no brainer.  And you may be thinking, well if I work that long, I’m going to have much more than barely anything.  But the sad news is, is that a HUGE percentage of retirees do not make enough to live on.  And with the future of social security and the state of the economy, I’m not going to depend on that.  I’m going to take charge and control and build something great for my family.  I’m going to build a legacy for them.  They deserve that, I deserve that, you guys deserve that!  We were all born for greatness!

I’ve seen SO many people give up and quit before the blessing.  The reason being, is our society has a microwave mentality, we want it and we want it now.  It’s the instant gratification curse that us Americans have.  But we can’t let that take over.  We have to continue realizing that to reach something great, it takes time and commitment.  What that means for you is you need to work on your daily efforts….DAILY!  That includes your marketing strategies, how you present your business/products/services to your prospects, personal development….everything on your daily action list!  What happens here when you commit to that and follow through is that you are putting on the numbers and when you do that, the enrollments WILL follow, it’s a fact.  You’ll get good at it, it will get easier every time.  And in the beginning, you might have to talk to 20 people to get a yes.  But over time, as you’re consistent, you’ll be able to enroll many more of those 20 people.  What also happens when you’re consistent, is you build momentum.  Momentum is gold in this business.  You can do amazing things when you’re riding the momentum.  Your enrollments will skyrocket and it becomes fun!  The opposite would be taking a break, maybe saying “I don’t feel like making calls this week” and then finally getting back on the phone next week and you’re rusty, you’re not having as much fun and that shows in your voice.  Another thing I LOVE about being consistent is building my pipeline.  Your pipeline is everyone you’ve ever done a presentation on that didn’t enroll on the spot.  Those people that you think are No’s….well they don’t always stay No’s.  Maybe it wasn’t the right time in their lives, maybe they still believed they could find data entry online.  Whatever their maybe was, some of them will come back to you, weeks, months and even years later.  Consistency pays off guys!  TRUST IT!

Now it’s very easy to say “Okay, I’m going to be consistent” but actually living that motto everyday can be a challenge at times.  It’s easier said than done.  No sooner than you making a decision to do something positive in your life will an obstacle jump right out and challenge you.  Things are going to get in your way, there is no way around that.  No one is immune to that.  Change your attitude from “Oh no, something is in my way” to “Hey, I was expecting you and you’re not going to defeat me.”  Attitude is everything!!!  And in this business, if you have a good attitude, you can write your own paychecks.  90% of your success in this business will be determined by your attitude.  So keeping it in check is key!!   You want to go on a mission to feed your mind and learn how to put good things in so that good things will come out.  Working on your personal development is the answer.  One thing I’ve always loved about the home based business industry is that we have SO many great personal development tools at our fingertips.  Get connected to industry leaders and you will always have a ton of good stuff to put in.  I also put together a recommended reading list of all the books that have helped me to reach success from home.  You can find that on the bottom of the “Success Tools” page here on this blog.  Start reading books from the list.  Five years ago,  I just didn’t think that I need that “stuff.”  But I was wrong.  When we stop learning, we stop growing.  When I finally gave into this personal development concept, it changed my life.  It not only transformed my business, but it transformed by personal life as well.  Personal Development was one of the many gifts that my home business gave to me.  I hope you choose to receive that gift as well.

So there you have it….The Secret to Success at Home = Attitude and Consistency!  Focus on it, commit to it and go out there and claim your victory!!!

Believing in YOU,

How to Lead a Team and Build a Dynamic Organization!

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 “A Leader always sets the trail for others to follow.”

One of the most exciting parts of your home business will be building and leading a team.  When I first started in my company, I had zero experience.  My home business was my very first at home anything I had ever done so I had A LOT to learn.  It has been such an incredible journey going from someone who had no experience at leading a team to someone who has grown an organization of thousands.  I’m SO excited to share with you how I did just that!!

My 10 tips for you follow the letters in LEADERSHIP:

L - Learn from other leaders.  When I first started my business, I didn’t have any experience at this sort of thing at all.  I was so green to this business and didn’t have the slightest idea how to lead a team.  One thing that really helped me was watching my mentor and the other leaders within our team.  I watched and learned everything from them.  I watched how they ran their businesses and lead their teams and I started implementing a lot of the same things they were doing.    When any of them would give advice, I would listen and listen hard, whether it was a one on one conversation, on a team call or on stage at an event. They had already built dynamic organizations so it just made sense to follow their lead rather than reinventing the wheel.  I remember asking my mentor “What do you do, because that’s what I’m going to do.”  I listened very closely to her answer and took notes because I figured if she could do this business, I could too!!!  I have always believed that if you surround yourself with successful people and do what they do, you too will reach success.  And basically, everything else I am about to share with you guys is what I learned.

E- Environment - You want to create an environment for success.  An environment where your team members can learn, have fun and most importantly GET IT DONE.  And the way to do this is by getting them connected.  Not only connected to you and the rest of their upline but to each other as well.  What makes our group great is that our entire organization works together as a team.  I have everyone connected with each other and we are a very tight group.  The reason to do this is because it’s so easy to feel like you are working by yourself when you work from home.  Make it your goal for them to know that we are working FOR ourselves NOT by ourselves.  You want them to feel a part of something big and special.  It was my goal to create a special team environment and it’s worked out beautifully.  Some things you can do to accomplish this goal:

* Get your team connected on a Forum or Yahoo Group that you setup for your team – This was probably one of the best things I’ve done for my team.  There have been a lot of great friendships and business relationships built on these.  This is a place that they know they can go to to ask questions and get immediate answers.  That way, for example, if someone on your team can’t get a hold of you right away, they know they can go there for support.  It also doubles up as a time management tool.  A lot of new team members or team members in general have a lot of the same questions.  When we answer them on the group or forum, that could answer five other team member’s question that they also have which saves you  time in answering them over and over again.  It’s all about working it smart guys.

* Setup challenges for your team and do the challenge with them!  For example, I’ve done 90 Day Challenges with my team.  Where we set specific goals to reach within that period and we all work hard toward them.  The keyword being WE.  Meaning if you want your team to do it, you need to do it.  Leading by example is everything when you’re building a team

* Get them connected to the team calls that your team and company provides.  Host your own team call.  Even if it starts with two people, start small, it will build up.  Your team will appreciate hearing your voice every week.  Until you feel comfortable doing that, send them to your upline’s team calls.

A – Attitude - I’m just going to start by saying that attitude is everything.  In every aspect of your life but especially in your business. When you maintain a positive attitude throughout your day and life, you can move mountains.   Attitude is 90% of this business, the other 10% can be taught.  If you’re up, down and all around…..your business will be up, down and all around.  Now I’m not saying it’s not okay to have a bad day, we all have bad days.  But don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week or even worse a bad month.  When I start having a bad day, I give myself an attitude adjustment.  It’s a choice that I make.  Either sit and be miserable with my bad attitude or shake it off, put a smile on my face and keep moving forward.  It’s especially a very important choice when you’re leading a team.  Your team is watching you!!  Attitude reflects leadership.  If you want them to have a good attitude, you must have one!!  Never complain to your team members, ever, if you’re having a bad day, don’t show it to your team.  Attitudes are contagious, so ask yourself if yours is worth catching???

D – Daily Action - Your team is watching YOU!!!  You MUST lead by example. A very common mistake I see new leaders make is that they go into management mode.  This will put a screeching halt on your business. You can’t tell your team to go out and recruit new team members and customers, if you’re not recruiting new team members and customers.  One thing I noticed when I first started was that my mentor was still putting business on the books every single month, even at the top level in our company and $250K in lifetime residual income.  She wasn’t just talking the talk but she was walking the walk and that inspired me to go out and do the same.  I’ll never forget what she told me when I hit my first level of management, she said “You’re team is watching you, if you’re adding business and promoting, they will follow you.”  She also told me to keep my name on the lists, meaning the top recruiter lists.  That’s been my goal ever since she told me that.  It will make your team proud of you and it will inspire them.  It will also give them a much higher respect for you as a leader if you are actually out there doing what you’re asking them to do.

E – Embrace every obstacle and struggle that comes your way- This is something I didn’t really understand fully until about my third year in my business.  Many of us go through obstacles and struggles in the beginning of our business.  I know I had a lot of struggles and discouraging moments in the beginning of my business and now I’m so happy that I did.   For me, mine were everything from going through a divorce, being a single mom working a full time job outside of the house, my utilities getting shut off, I had a HUGE fear of the phone, I made about 200 presentations before getting my first yes, I had very little money for advertising, I could go on with more stuff but you guys get the point.  I am a person that firmly believes that everything happens for a reason.  At the time, all that stuff seemed really big and hard but what I didn’t know was that was a part of my training to become a better leader.  Because when my team members go through those things, I can relate to them and help them through those times.  I can inspire them and let them know that if I did it, they can do it! So, think of it this way.  Embrace every obstacle and struggle that comes your way, because you’re going to learn from it and when YOU are a Top Leader in your company, you can help your team members through it!   It’s all about attitude and perspective!

R – Recognition - This is my very favorite part.  I love to shower my team with recognition.  I will never forget the first time I saw my name on a Top Recruiter list.  It felt really good.  I was so proud and it put a fire in me.  And from that moment on, I aim to have my name on all the lists.  I remember telling my mentor that and she told me that people will work harder for praises than raises.  It’s so true.  We LOVE to be recognized for things we’re doing right, it’s human nature.  Recognition has been a HUGE part of my building a successful team.  You can recognize your team in many ways.

* Team Newsletter - You can send this out weekly or at very least, bi-weekly. You can create an email with pictures of team members being recognized, graphics, articles and much more.  For the recognition part, you can include the top customer and team member recruiters month to date, the Top Producer for the month (which includes all business added), New pin level and income level promotions and also do a featured team member of the week.  Choose one leader every newsletter to be in the spotlight and include their bio in the newsletter.  You want everyone on your team feel as special as they are.  The best part, they ALL race for these spots.  It’s a nice healthy competition to get you’re team moving!

* Team Calls - You can also mention all of those accomplishments on your team call.  And at least once a month, I put a leader in the spotlight on my team call as my special guest.
* Mail greeting cards to those hitting new promotions/income levels - Everyone likes receiving good mail (you know, NOT bills) so a handwritten note from you is special.  Taking the time to do that shows that you truly care.

* E-cards and emails for new business added – When someone enrolls their first piece of business, I’ll send them an e-card with a short little message like “Congratulations on your first enrollment, remember if you can enroll one, you can enroll hundreds.  Get ready for an amazing future.”  I also send a short little emails to congratulate my team members on new business.  It could be something as easy as “Yay Traci, I’m so proud of you.”

S – Step out of your comfort zone - I tell you, getting to the level I am now has required a lot of stepping outside of my comfort zone and I know that to stay successful, I am going to have to continue to do so.  While this makes me a little nervous, I know that it is good for me.  Picking up the phone to call a prospect is where it started, leaving fliers at businesses, being a special guest on a conference call (I will never forget the first time my mentor asked me to be on a call with her, I thought I was going to pass out!!!), hosting my own team calls, being in a television commercial and speaking at events, now THOSE last two were HUGE steps for me.  However, all of those things have helped me to become a better person and leader.  I love that my mentor pushes me to grow and be the best.  It’s a gift that she has given me.  It might not have been as fun as getting a birthday gift…but after the fact when I stand back and see that I faced a fear and beat it, I am so grateful to her.  The truth is, you must step out of your comfort zone to reach greatness in life.  It will make you a better leader and your team will be proud of you!!!

H – Help your team - This one is kind of a given but still very important.  When your team emails or calls you, it’s important to get back to them quickly.  I try to get back to them to same day but if I can’t, at least by the next day.  You want them to feel comfortable coming to you so they don’t feel like they’ve been left hanging to figure it all out for themselves.  Now, while it’s very important to help your team, it’s also important that you are working on your own personal production too.  My team knows that I am unavailable for training between the hours of 12:00 – 2:00 Monday through Friday because I am working on adding new business.  This also sets a great example of balancing training and prospecting for them to follow when working with their own teams.

I – Inspire and believe in them - Keep your team inspired.  You can send them inspirational articles, quotes, videos, audios, anything to get their blood flowing.  Also, by reaching different levels of success within your own business, it inspires them to know that if you can do this, they can too!  Let them know the obstacles and struggles that you overcame and that you are absolutely no different than them.  The only difference is that you  have been here longer.  Also let your team members know that you believe from the bottom of your heart that they can do this if they want it bad enough.  From the day I became a leader in my company, my mentor has always showed me in many ways how much she believes in me and it was amazing to see how that made me believe in myself and made me more confident.

P – Personal Development - Personal Development is something I never realized was so important until I started my home business.  I guess I thought I just “didn’t need that stuff.”  It took me a few months to finally give into it.  When I did, it was a shocker to see what I was so skeptical of transforming my life both personally and professionally.  I am a firm believer that if you keep feeding your mind that you will reach greatness on every level.  I incorporate personal development into my daily routine.  Every morning, I get up an hour before my kids to and listen to an audio while I am checking emails and having my coffee.  It’s an awesome way to start the day.  It really sets the tone for my day when I immediately start putting good stuff in.  I also encourage my team to do the same, not necessarily my schedule but at least a couple audios or chapters of a great book per week.  When you start incorporating personal development into your life and business, your family and friends will notice it.  You will be a more pleasant and positive person to be around.  It will rub off on your team and you will be amazed at the growth you will have in your organization.  I have people ask me just about everyday, “How do you do it, how do you stay so happy and positive all the time?”  I tell them it’s a choice I make and that I continue to work on being a better person and leader everyday.

Those are all of the steps I have taken to build a HUGE team over the years.  Following those steps will help you to build a DYNAMIC organization as well!!