Facebook 101 – Profile Page, Fan Page or Both???

Why do you need to get on Facebook today?

There are 550,000,000 people on Facebook today!!  That is a HUGE audience!!  If you aren’t one of those, it’s time to get in on the action!!  If you haven’t created an account or used your current account to market your business, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the idea of getting started.  I know I did!  So I am going to lay it out in very basic way so that anyone can start taking advantage of this incredible social networking platform.  I am going to start super basic today with what type of Facebook page to create.  Together we will take baby steps toward making Facebook a huge asset to your life and your business!!!

1.  Should you create a Profile page or a Fan page or both??? 

I personally have both.  I love Facebook for personal AND for business but I don’t want to shove my business information in my friend’s and family’s faces all the time. So I created a fan page as well.  The difference and some fun facts about each:

Profile Page

·      Will only allow up to 5,000 friends on a profile page - Seems like a ton, right? Well, once you start building your network, over time this will add up fast!  Fill up your network with valuable friends, ones that you can learn from and network with. 
·      You can still brand yourself with just a profile page – Personal Branding is a term that we have all been hearing and seeing a lot of these days.  It’s the latest trend and the wave of the future.  Basically, you are branding yourself as a leader versus just promoting your business name.  You can still reach this personal branding goal with a personal profile page.  But some choose to go the fan page route to put a little line in between personal and professional.  This is a total personal preference.

Below you will find the homepage of Facebook when you visit http://www.facebook.com/.  This is where you will setup your account.  Fill out the “Sign Up” portion to create a personal profile page OR click on the “Create a Page” link to setup a Fan Page (see below circled in red).

Fan Page

·      You cannot add friends on a fan page - People can only “Like” your page and follow it.  So this is a one way street as far as following is concerned.
·      You can have unlimited fans - Unlike the profile page, there is no limit as to how many people who can have following you.
·      You can promote a fan page with advertising such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) -This is an advanced option that you can opt to use once you get familiar with Facebook.

If you already have a personal profile page setup, which I’m sure most of you do, you can click on the “Ads and Pages” link in the sidebar of your homepage once you are logged into Facebook.  There you will find the “Create a Page” option.  Once you click on that, you will reach the screen below.  Choose which type of page you wish to create.  If you wish to brand your name, choose “Public Figure.”  If you wish to brand your blog, like I have for example, you can choose “Brand, Product or Organization.”  If you wish to just list your business name, choose “Local Business.”

2.  How to set up your pages to make them attractive and functional?

This is important!  You want your friends and fans to be able to easy navigate through your pages to find the important information that you are delivering.


  • Info – Here you will list your Interests, Contact Information, Websites, etc.  Be as detailed as you’d like.
  • Pictures – Adding pictures to your page will help your friends/fans get to know you better.  It will make you more real and personable and your page more warm and inviting.  I love to add family pictures to my pages of my kids and I and our life.
  • Blog - If you have a blog, you can make a tab for it for easy access.
  • Discussions (for fan pages only) Here you can start discussion topics and interact with your fans in a private forum type setting.
  • Additional Tabs There are also additional tabs that you can create by clicking on the “+” tab.

“Write something about yourself” box

In this box, you will just place a quick, little blurb about yourself, what you are representing or trying to deliver.  For example, mine says Thoughts, experiences, inspiration and more from a Work at Home Mom! http://www.TheSavvyWAHMom.com/.

See below for screenshot of the above steps:

3.  Adding Friends/Promoting Fan Page

Now that you have your page(s) setup, it’s time to share them!! 

Adding Friends for your Profile page

  • Search for your friends, family, business partners, team members, etc.
  • In the sidebar of your homepage, you will see the “People you may know” feature (see below in   screenshot).  This is a feature that Facebook has in place to connect you with new friends.  It will pull friends of your friends on there, otherwise known as Mutual Friends.
  • Look up your Networks.  For example, go up to the search box and type in your company name.  Anyone who has listed themselves as a part of that company will appear.

Getting Likes/Fans on your Fan Page
  • Place link on Blog – If you already have a blog setup, definitely include a Facebook Plugin on there so people can easily reach your fan page and “like” it.  (See sidebar to the right of this post to see mine)
  • Suggest to Friends – Once you have your fan page setup, you can invite all of your friends from your personal profile to “like” your fan page.  It’s a very simple step.  From your fan page’s homepage, click on the “Suggest to Friends” link and choose which friends you wish to invite.  I highly recommend including a personal note from you on there, something short and sweet like: “Hey there!! I am so happy to invite you to be a part of my fan page.  I’m truly looking forward to sharing some valuable content with everyone and I would feel honored to have you be a part of it!  I hope you are having a beautiful day! ~KristieJ 

Adding People for both Personal Profiles and Fan Pages

I absolutely love this method as I LOVE to help my friends and business partners out!  If you have a friend or business partner who is also getting started on Facebook and promoting a personal profile or fan page, suggest to your friends to add and/or like them.  Same steps as above, super simple!  Have your friend(s) return the favor by promoting you!!  I’ve personally done this and it works wonders!  I would also be happy to do it again for any of my readers.  So just let me knowJ  My goal is to help us all reach success and together, we TRULY can achieve more!!

I hope this information was helpful for you!!  Feel free to pass it on to anyone you feel could benefit from it, your friends, new team members, anyone you’d likeJ  I’m looking forward to sharing more Facebook tips over the next few weeks!  Stay tuned for “How to Brand Yourself by using your Profile and Fan Page”.


9 thoughts on “Facebook 101 – Profile Page, Fan Page or Both???

  1. Some really great information here Kristie.

    I think another thing to add for your readers would be that networking is WONDERFUL in your page. With this you and a fellow networking friend an actually help one another by suggesting each others page. This is a great help and when we all come together to help out it’s that much better.

    When suggesting to friends its easiest to choose a folder and then select all. This will ensure you can suggest the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time! As you and I recently did Kristie!

  2. I continue to be amazed at the high quality information you have worked so hard to provide
    for everyone, even us guys are benefiting! You are an inspiration and a role model for all people who wish to better themselves.

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