5 Secrets of Success from Michael Phelps

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As I’m sure you already know, on Sunday August 17th 2008, Michael Phelps achieved one of the greatest sporting records of all time by winning an incredible 8 gold medals in a single Olympic games.
Michael’s performance was seen by millions of people around the world and we can all learn a great deal about achieving our own goals by analyzing his accomplishment. Here then, are five secrets of success that helped Michael Phelps to transform his dreams into reality.
Secret #1: Think BIG
The first step in Michael Phelps journey was to make the decision to pursue a dream that many people considered impossible. Instead of thinking negative thoughts and limiting his potential, Michael allowed himself to think big.
“If you dream as big as you can dream,
anything is possible.”
- Michael Phelps

Your Turn:
In order to discover your real goals, let your imagination run free to dream as big as you can dream. Resist the temptation to limit yourself with negative thoughts. It is only by freeing your imagination that you can discover what it is that you really want from life.

Secret #2: Break it Down
Having identified his ultimate goal, Michael and his coach created a series of short term goals that would eventually lead him to his ultimate objective. In between the Olympics came the National championships, the Pan Pacific championships and the World championships. Each race of each event was a carefully planned stepping stone that would eventually lead Michael to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the most successful Olympian of all time.

Your Turn:
After identifying your long term goal, take some time to break it down into a series of achievable short term goals. As you move forward, focus on achieving your short term goals one step at a time.

Secret #3: Use the Power of Visualization
One of the most powerful techniques used by elite athletes to achieve their goals is to visualize themselves succeeding each and every day. In his book ‘Beneath the Surface’, Michael Phelps writes, “When I’m about to fall asleep, I visualize to the point that I know exactly what I want to do: dive, glide, stroke, flip, reach the wall, hit the split time to the hundredth, then swim back again for as many times as I need to finish the race”.

Your Turn:
Visualizing your goals before you sleep is a great way to program your subconscious mind. The more you visualize your dreams as a reality, the more motivated and determined you will become.

Secret #4: Put in the Hard Work

No matter how naturally talented Michael Phelps may be, the main reason he achieved his goals was because he was prepared to put in the thousands of hours of grueling hard work necessary to compete at the highest level. According to Michael, “In the four years between the Athens and Sydney Olympics I probably took four or five days off and none of those were holidays”
Your Turn:
Be prepared to put in the hard work required to transform your dreams into reality. There really is no such thing as getting something for nothing. In order to make your dreams a reality you will have to work hard.
Secret #5: Monitor Your Performance Metrics

Every elite athlete understands the importance of using metrics to monitor their performance and progress. Michael’s coach Bob Bowman constantly monitors and reviews Michael’s split times down to the hundredth of a second. This provides them both with tangible evidence of how Michael is progressing towards achieving his goals.

Your Turn:
As you work towards your goals, figure out your own key metrics. For example, if you are studying, record how many hours of productive work you do each day. Or if you are building a business, record how many potential customers you contact each week. Whatever your goal may be, you will get there faster by recording and constantly improving your performance metrics.

While you may not be pursuing an Olympic gold medal, always remember that your life goals are just as important. I’d like to encourage you today to use some of the same techniques Michael Phelps used to achieve his goals. If you can

(1) Think BIG
(2) Break it down
(3) Utilize the power of visualization
(4) Work hard and
(5) Monitor your performance metrics

You too can conquer the challenges that stand in your way and make your dreams a reality!!

I’ve always loved this article, hope you enjoyed it too!!

Dare To Dream!

What is Your Favorite Holiday Recipe??

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve ladies!

I am putting together a list of holiday recipes from all my Savvy friends and would love to share your recipe and website or blog here on TheSavvyWAHMom.com!!  What is your favorite holiday recipe?  Post it here in the comments.  I can’t wait to see all of the yumminess!  I’m getting hungry already:)

I’ll start….One of my new favorites that I made last year for Christmas and Thanksgiving is Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Pecan Crunch. It is SO super yummy, even the kids liked it! Here’s the recipe:

Makes 8 servings.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour


3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar, divided
2 tablespoons orange juice
2 teaspoons McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract
1 1/2 teaspoons McCormick® Cinnamon, Ground, divided
1 1/2 teaspoons McCormick® Ginger, Ground, divided
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
1 cup dried cranberries
6 tablespoons butter, cut up, divided
1/2 cup flour
1 cup chopped pecans


1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Mix 1/4 cup of the brown sugar, orange juice, vanilla, 1/2 teaspoon each of the cinnamon and ginger, and salt in large bowl. Add sweet potatoes; toss to coat well. Spoon into 13×9-inch baking dish. Sprinkle evenly with cranberries. Dot with 2 tablespoons of the butter. Cover with foil. Bake 30 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, mix flour, remaining 1/2 cup brown sugar and remaining 1 teaspoon each cinnamon and ginger in medium bowl. Cut in remaining 4 tablespoons butter with a fork until coarse crumbs form. Stir in pecans. Remove sweet potatoes from oven and stir gently. Sprinkle evenly with pecan topping.

3. Bake, uncovered, 25 to 30 minutes longer or until sweet potatoes are tender and topping is lightly browned.

And that’s it. Hope you guys enjoy!

Don’t forget to post your favorite recipe and website/blog link in the comments so I can share it here on TheSavvyWAHMom.com.

Hope you all have a VERY blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!

Making Opportunities

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~Thomas Edison

Other people get all the breaks, don’t they?  Or so we tell ourselves.  While it’s true that sometimes others really do get a break, we could do a lot more to create our own breaks if we really wanted to.

Did we skip an opportunity to get some training because it was scheduled after work hours?  Did we pass up a chance to try something new because we were nervous about whether we could do it?  Maybe it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work a little harder or longer.

How can you create your own opportunity–at work or in your personal life?  What steps do you need to take?

Have a beautiful and productive week!!!!!

10 Steps to Becoming a Master Recruiter without the Hype

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I have been with my home based business for almost five years now.  I came into it with nothing but a good attitude.  To say I had zero experience and skills would be an understatement.  I was as green as it gets.  I had never worked from home before because I was THE biggest skeptic out there and wouldn’t give anything a try.  I eventually found a company that had elite credentials and a service that people needed and that intrigued me to jump right in.  I didn’t care about the rest of the details.  I just knew that if someone else was out there making money with it that I could too!

I remember the day I realized that recruiting team members was a part of the package.  I was so very nervous and thought “I don’t want to be one of THOSE people.”  It took me a day or so to digest it and then I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to be full of hype, I don’t have to be pushy, I can just focus on helping people and recruit from the heart.  I could be me.  That’s when I opened a door to what was about to be an incredible, life changing journey.  Within two months of going through the process of getting good, I became a Top Recruiter with my company and have been ever since.  And I’m going to share with you exactly how I did just that!

Why I love Recruiting….

Recruiting is a HUGE passion of mine because it’s fun and I feel like I am truly helping people improve the quality of their lives. That is powerful to me!  I think about how my mentor’s one phone call to me changed my life and now I love to do the same for MANY others!  I think about all the positive changes in my life since I started my home based business and it just amazes me.  THAT is what this business is all about, helping people improve the quality of their lives!  We are making a difference in so many lives and in return we are rewarded with priceless friendships, financial freedom and an amazing life for our family!  That is exciting stuff!  If you truly believe in that, you will be a great recruiter too.  If you’re not yet, your skills might just need to be refined and that’s okay.  Like I mentioned earlier, when I first started my home based business, I was horrible.  I had a really bad fear of the phone.  I had never done anything like this before.  But, I got trained and kept making calls over and over again until I got good.  My reason WHY I was doing this was a whole lot bigger than my fear and I focused on that with all my heart.  A lot of us struggle with closing in the beginning of our business.  So, that’s normal.  Just remember most will have to be bad before they can get good.  Just make it your goal to GET GOOD! 

What it takes to become a master recruiter….

The secret ingredient to becoming a master recruiter is to develop your confidence which is also referred to as posture.  What I’ve learned is that closing is an attitude mixed with a little bit of skill.  It’s not necessarily WHAT you say but HOW you say it.  Have you ever wondered what makes someone add 20-30 new team members per month? That is posture.  Posture all starts with mastering your presentation.  Once you’ve mastered your presentation, you will develop an awesome level of confidence and your posture will shine through.  That’s when you will start closing with a lot more ease.  When you sound confident and excited, you will become magnetic, people will be drawn to you and your business. 

The Steps to GET IT DONE….

1.  Believe in what you are doing.  Develop a passion for helping people make money and helping them with your products and/or services.   When I did this, my business took off!  Once I realized how many people I was helping daily, I never looked back.  We have such an amazing opportunity in our hands in this industry.  When you hit the part of your presentation that goes over start up costs, be PROUD that for a small fee you can help someone change their lives.  Like myself for example, I am a single mom that is able to work from home full time.  I was able to completely fire my boss and come home full time to my kids.  That’s a BIG deal. Develop a passion for the products and services you are offering.  Use them, get familiar with them, fall in love with them. Create your own testimonial.  When your products or services have personally touched your life, your passion will be ignited in your presentation and passion sells!

2.  Get out of your comfort zone and do that presentation over and over and over again.  You cannot reach greatness in life hanging out in a comfort zone.  You have to get up and get out of that comfort zone!!  Push yourself if you have to!  Each time you will get more and more comfortable with your presentation and the posture will begin to shine through.  Keep making a minimum 3-5 FULL presentations a day, five days a week.  If you do that consistently, you WILL get good at it!  It’s a fact and it’s really that simple. 

3.  Listening to Prospecting Calls.  If your team leaders host live prospecting calls where you can call in and listen to them in action, take advantage of that!  Listening to my team leaders while they were making live presentations is how I learned to recruit.  What I learned from these calls was that I was doing it all wrong.  I was reading a script and trying to “sell” someone.  I didn’t put a lot of emotion into it nor did I really care about my prospect.  I noticed that on their prospecting calls that they were very conversational and genuinely interested in the best interest of the prospect.  They were building relationships with these people.  The focus was on the prospect and their needs, not to only get a paycheck.  Learning that was a huge wake up for me in my business.  From that moment forward, I shifted my focus on to the prospect.  Why were THEY looking to work from home, what was THEIR why, how long have THEY been looking, how can I help THEM.  This was huge!  Not only did I start getting more enrollments but I started having fun!  This is when recruiting became a huge passion of mine.  If your team leaders don’t offer this type of training call, ask them to start one.

4.  Don’t take no’s personally.  Recruiting is a numbers game.  No matter how good you are, you will get no’s.  What I’ve always done is focus on how many people I can talk to versus how many people I can enroll.  Focusing on results can stress you out especially if it takes you 200 conversations to get your first yes like it did for me.  Instead, focus on practicing and talking to as many people as possible.  I personally keep a notebook of all my presentations.  My goal is to fill that notebook and only full presentations go in it.  Focusing on filling the notebook versus focusing on yes’s or no’s helped me tremendously.

5.  Don’t act like a used car salesman during your presentation.  You don’t ever want to sound desperate or full of hype. That will run people off.  Never beg people to join or keep calling them back over and over again with follow up calls.  Two calls is plenty then just bless and release and stick them in your email system for future email follow up.  Sometimes the timing is just not right and they will come back to you when it is.

6. Never spend too much time on a prospecting call.  You need them to know that your time is valuable. If you’re spending 45 minutes on one call, that’s too long.  Now there will be exceptions to this is you have someone asking tons of questions but you want to make sure you have control of the call and you’re not just letting them talk about random stuff not related to working at home for 45 minutes.  People want to be associated with busy and successful people.  Your time is valuable, respect it.7. Not what you say but how you say it.

When you get to the end of the presentation, assume that they are going to join your team.  Don’t question it.  What you’re offering with your home business is awesome, of course they want to do it! That’s the attitude I have. Use minimizing words like “just” or “only” when explaining your start up fee.  Tell them you would love to have them on your team and just start taking their application.  I always say “It just takes a few minutes to get your information and we can have you up and running in about five minutes, I just need to verify the address that you’d like to have your checks mailed to.”  Do they all enroll? No. But a lot of them do.  Go into with an attitude of they’re going to join our team.  It will make a big difference.8.  Treat your business as what it is…..a multi million dollar, life changing opportunity.  In this home based business industry, we have something amazing in our hands!  Realize that, be proud of it and it will show in the music of your voice during your presentation.  Whenever I call someone, I visualize myself being my mentor on the very first day day she called me.  I waited by the phone for days for that call.  I could not wait to talk with her and enroll.  She changed my life with that one phone call and I think of that before I make each call.

9.  NEVER GIVE UP -  Don’t even have it in the back of your head as an option.  If you do, your prospects will also hear that in your voice.  Your prospect wants to enroll with someone who is going to the top not someone who is unsure.   Proudly tell them at the end that you are going straight to the top and you’ll take them with you!  Don’t let the No’s discourage you.  Every “no” you get, you are one step closer to a yes.  If I would have given up during all those no’s I received in the beginning, I would still be sitting in a cubicle at a job I despised and my kids would still be in daycare.  NEVER give up!10.  Personal Development - The more develop your self esteem, the more you will develop self confidence.  The more good stuff you put in, the more good stuff you can give out in your presentation.  I listened to my presentation go from “Blah not getting any enrollments” to “Wow, getting lots of enrollments” just by working on my personal development.  Like I said earlier, posture is a sort of attitude or confidence. If you don’t have that yet, it’s okay, just work on yourself daily until you get it.  You will see your life transforming on many levels.  The investment of time required for this is so well worth it! One common denominator that all the leaders in this industry share is that they are always actively seeking to improve themselves.  Listen to audios, read articles, read books, whatever it takes to build a better you! Working on me has been a huge part of my success from home.  CLICK HERE to see some of my favorites that have helped me to become a master recruiter.

Those 10 steps will help you develop “The Stuff” needed to become a master recruiter.  Remember, you have everything in you that you need to become a great recruiter.  You might just need to refine your skills and do some tweaking to your presentation.  If you care about people and you want to help them, that is more than half the battle.  Be a giver and watch your business grow!  ALWAYS remember to GO FOR THE CLOSE!!!  If you don’t ask them to join your team at the end, you just wasted your time!  The most important thing I want to leave you guys with is to believe in yourself!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  If you want it, go get it!  Make it a goal to GET GOOD!!
Believing in you,

Online Promotional Codes – My Latest Craze!!

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I want to share this with you guys today as it can certainly help you out with the upcoming holiday season!  MANY people are on budgets these days with the current state of the economy and every little bit helps:)

Back in August, I was preparing for the exciting and costly “Back to School” shopping frenzy.  My daughter is now in the fourth grade and ALL into fashion.  Which is incredibly cute as I SO remember clothes and accessories being a HUGE part of my life all the way through my school years.  Whether we like to admit it or not, appearance is important.  It’s not everything, but it certainly can help a kid out with the peer issues.  My little boy is a little easier, he’s is the first grade and doesn’t really care what he wears as long as it doesn’t have buttons anywhere on the shirt and it has some sort of sports reference on it.  He’s already a T-shirt and sports kinda guy.

I absolutely love to shop online as it not only saves time (which in my home based business, time equals money) but it also saves gas and the headache of shopping with kids.  I love my kids dearly but let’s be real, it’s not easy shopping with children.  Online shopping saves me the stress of my daughter saying over and over in a voice of desperation “Mommy, I NEED these, I’m going to be the ONLY one without sparkly $40 leggings with a peace sign on the butt out of all my friends” all while searching for my little boy who thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to hide under the racks!  So decision made….online back to school shopping it was this year!!!

My mother has got to be one of the most frugal women I’ve ever known.  She is a retired accountant and even though she has had success in her life, she remains frugal.  She reads finance and investment books 5-8 hours per day and she will be the first one to preach that “All self made millionaires do not spend carelessly, they are frugal and live below their means.”  Up until about 25 years old, I never listened to a word she said, I already knew everything.  You know how that goes.  Then I woke up to the ways of the world and grew up.  Not sure what triggered it, but I started realizing that my mom knew her stuff and I should open my ears and listen!!  And from that moment forward, she has been my financial inspiration and unofficial financial advisor.  If I want to invest $1000+, I ask my mom what I should do with it.  So of course, during this back to school shopping frenzy, I called her and asked her if she had any recent coupon mailings to Justice (THE absolute coolest girl’s clothing retailer out there right now and OMG, all my daughter’s BFFs are like totally going to have clothes from there) and also The Children’s Place, which is mommy’s favorite store to shop as the prices are affordable, the clothes are great quality and the little girls clothes, look like little girls clothes.  I won’t risk the chance of having the same outfit as my daughter or her looking like a 20 year old.  I was disappointed to hear that my mom didn’t have any of those awesome 20-40% off coupon mailings from either store.  And that’s when I heard the most beautiful words from her, “Kristie, just go online and Google Promotional Codes and you’ll find some for those two stores and a TON of others.”  I immediately jumped on my laptop and did just that.  It was SO exciting to find online coupon codes for nearly every store that I use.  I found a 40% off coupon code for Justice and a 20% off coupon code for the Children’s Place.  I was one happy back to school shopping mommy!!

The first site I ran across was http://www.promotionalcodes.com/.  AWESOME site!!!  I highly recommend it as I’ve used it many times since I found out this little secret.  I also love http://www.retailmenot.com/. There are also others if you don’t find what you want there.  Just hop on Google and enter promotional codes, you’ll have tons of pages to choose from.  Get even more specific and type in “Promotional Codes for ______” Just fill in that blank with whatever store you’d like.

Another quick tip about shopping online, shop the sales!!!!!  The beautiful thing about online shopping is the virtual sales racks are huge!!  You will find stuff there that you would never find at the store.  I know you’ve all found every single size of that beautiful shirt on sale EXCEPT the size you need!  We’ve all been there, isn’t it ironic?  Don’t you think?  Well online, you have a much better chance at getting that $25 shirt in size 12 for just $3.99 than you do at the store. And don’t forget having that frustrating feeling all while one kid is hiding under a rack of clothes and the other is having a pre-teenage drama queen reaction to her size not being available.  Nah, I’m going to pass on that and shop online!!  With the online coupon codes and shopping the sales, I ended up with 10 outfits for JUST $98.  That’s right, $98!  And that was from those two, high quality, trendy children’s stores.

And one last tip!  During the holidays, all the big online retailers compete for business and a big way they do that is by offering free shipping.  Wait for the free shipping deals, that will save you a bunch!

Definitely share this SUPER saving information with all your mom friends, they will be so grateful to save some money.  In this crazy economy, us savvy moms have to look out for each other;)

Happy online shopping!

Successful People are Dreamers

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Happy Friday everyone!!!!

My mentor shared this with me this morning and I want to pass it along to you guys!  I absolutely love it!

Your dreams are your visions of where you’ll be after the battle, your prize at the end of your journey to success. Your goals are the steps you take to finally attain your prize.

Unless you’re willing to work hard and establish some discipline in your life, all of your dreams will be pipe dreams, little mental fantasy trips that will never materialize.

Make concrete steps toward fulfilling your ultimate dream, and start with solid objectives called goals.  Your dreams are where you want to go, your goals are how you get there.

The first indispensable step to getting the things you want out of life is this.  Decide what you want.

Don’t be afraid to think big and dare to be great. Dreamers are not content with mediocrity. They never dream of going half way.

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.
Have an AMAZING weekend and never stop dreaming and going for your dreams!

How to Start Branding Yourself on Facebook

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I hope you all enjoyed my first Facebook 101 Topic, “Profile Page, Fan Page or Both?”  I received some really great feedback from you guys and I’m just SO happy that I could help. I remember how overwhelmed I felt with marketing on Facebook at first and if I can ease some of that for you guys, then it’s a complete success for me:)
Now that you have your page(s) setup, you may be wondering “What now?”  Well, now you are ready to start branding yourself!  Branding yourself is getting your name recognized as the “go to” person on your chosen subject.  Personal branding catches the attention of people in our industry and showcases you as an instant expert.  This is a process that requires consistent effort and a long term time commitment. But it is so worth it in the long run.  Here are some quick tips to get you in action mode TODAY:The most important way to start branding yourself is to put yourself out there and focus on daily action on your page(s).  You want your friends and fans to see you out there everyday.  You may be thinking “Okay, that sounds great but what do I put on my page?”  Great question!!  The most important thing when working on personal branding is to think about what type of presence you would like to create.  You want to become someone that people want to follow, someone that provides value, inspiration and a positive, uplifting energy. And don’t feel like you are not someone knowledgeable or interesting enough for people to follow.  YOU are fabulous and YOU have information and greatness inside of you that you can share and that will help people!!!  Believe that and it will all start to flow beautifully!!

What to do on your page(s):
  • Update your status - This can be very basic “What are you doing?” stuff.  Since my mission is providing content for working successfully at home so I can be home with my kids, I like to paint a picture of what my day looks like, how much freedom my home business gives me in my status.  For example, a recent status update that I posted was “Kristie is ready for this BUSY day! Just got Brit to Chorus club, now headed to Landon’s field trip, then the book fair after school, Brit’s Chorus Concert tonight and finally co-hosting a team call before bed! Bring on the 15 hour energy!!!”
  • Personal pictures or videos - People love to know about your personal lives, that’s why Facebook is so popular.  Share pictures and videos from your life on your pages.  It will make you more real, warm and welcoming.  They will be able to connect with you on a deeper level, in turn, making you more memorable.
  • Other videos – These can be videos that you take of yourself providing instruction or sharing a message or could be an inspirational video that you run across on You Tube, for example.  Any video pertaining to your niche will work nicely.
  • Articles - Find articles or write your own about a topic that fits your niche that your readers will enjoy and can learn from.
  • Quotes – People LOVE to feel inspired!  There are SO many great quotes out there that will help people reflect and get them motivated.  Make it a goal to inspire people, they will love you for it!!  And it will inspire YOU along the way!
  • Blog posts – Link your blog and Facebook account to the Networked Blogs application on Facebook.  That way, when you publish a new post on your blog, it will automatically post to your page.
  • Sharing other’s posts - When someone in your network posts something of great value, pay it forward and share it for them.  Give them credit where credit is deserved:)  And when you tag their name in your post, it posts on their wall to for their friends to see also, giving you extra views.
  • Be social – There is a reason that Social Networking has the word social it in.  It’s about sharing, networking, building relationships, appreciating others and giving back.  So, you want to join in the social circle.  Reply to your friend’s statuses, “like” their statuses, just have fun chatting with some great people.  Don’t be nervous about fitting in or not knowing what to say.  Once you reach out and show someone you care by “liking” their status or commenting, you’ve got yourself a lifelong Facebook friend!

What NOT to do on your page(s):

  • Don’t post anything negative anywhere on Facebook…EVER!  You need to be positive but not cheesy and over the top.  You don’t want to be annoying then people will just hide your feed.  When you’re on a social networking platform like Facebook, everything you write is for the public to see.  You really need to ask yourself what kind of presence you want to create for the world to see, for your friend’s to see, for your potential business partners and customers to see.  The biggest mistake I see people make on Facebook is being gung-ho positive and excited about their business one day and the next day they full blown negative about their life and sometimes even using bad language.  Then the next day, back to positive.  That’s a big no no!  Not many people will want to join that or follow that.  In branding yourself, you are in a leadership role and you have to behave like a leader and create and treasure your reputation and be someone people will respect.  My rule of thumb goes back to the elementary days, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Sure, we all have our moments where we’re having a bad day but keep that at home and not for all of Facebook to see.
  • Don’t blast ads in your status everyday!  Your goal is to build relationships (get to know people) and provide value.  Make 90% of your content information that will help your friends and fans.  The other 10% can be promoting what you are offering.
  • Don’t post your sales pitch on people’s walls or in response to their statuses.  You don’t want to become that person that is just on Facebook to take, you want to be a giver!  Givers ALWAYS receive in the long run!

Give back and Pay it Forward

Speaking of being a giver, personal branding doesn’t have to be all about YOU!  You can also make it about others.  You will meet and may already know some amazing people on Facebook with the same goal as you, to brand themselves.  So help them out!  Team up with a couple of them and share their content when they post something interesting and helpful.  Click on the “share” option right under their status and help get their info out there also.  They will appreciate it so much that they will return the favor with one of your future posts.  Doing that also counts toward your daily action of what you can share that day.  So it also saves you time which we all need more of these days!  Working it smart and being a giver….that’s a recipe for success!!

Okay, you are ready to rock and roll and get yourself out there!!!  Go have fun on your mission!!!  That’s the most important part.  Love what you do and how you do it and you will build BIG!!!  If you feel this post will help someone you know, please feel free to share it with them!  Also, I would LOVE to keep hearing all your feedback and comments, they are MUCH appreciated:)

Have a SUPER productive and happy day!!!