10 Steps to Becoming a Master Recruiter without the Hype

I have been with my home based business for almost five years now.  I came into it with nothing but a good attitude.  To say I had zero experience and skills would be an understatement.  I was as green as it gets.  I had never worked from home before because I was THE biggest skeptic out there and wouldn’t give anything a try.  I eventually found a company that had elite credentials and a service that people needed and that intrigued me to jump right in.  I didn’t care about the rest of the details.  I just knew that if someone else was out there making money with it that I could too!

I remember the day I realized that recruiting team members was a part of the package.  I was so very nervous and thought “I don’t want to be one of THOSE people.”  It took me a day or so to digest it and then I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to be full of hype, I don’t have to be pushy, I can just focus on helping people and recruit from the heart.  I could be me.  That’s when I opened a door to what was about to be an incredible, life changing journey.  Within two months of going through the process of getting good, I became a Top Recruiter with my company and have been ever since.  And I’m going to share with you exactly how I did just that!

Why I love Recruiting….

Recruiting is a HUGE passion of mine because it’s fun and I feel like I am truly helping people improve the quality of their lives. That is powerful to me!  I think about how my mentor’s one phone call to me changed my life and now I love to do the same for MANY others!  I think about all the positive changes in my life since I started my home based business and it just amazes me.  THAT is what this business is all about, helping people improve the quality of their lives!  We are making a difference in so many lives and in return we are rewarded with priceless friendships, financial freedom and an amazing life for our family!  That is exciting stuff!  If you truly believe in that, you will be a great recruiter too.  If you’re not yet, your skills might just need to be refined and that’s okay.  Like I mentioned earlier, when I first started my home based business, I was horrible.  I had a really bad fear of the phone.  I had never done anything like this before.  But, I got trained and kept making calls over and over again until I got good.  My reason WHY I was doing this was a whole lot bigger than my fear and I focused on that with all my heart.  A lot of us struggle with closing in the beginning of our business.  So, that’s normal.  Just remember most will have to be bad before they can get good.  Just make it your goal to GET GOOD! 

What it takes to become a master recruiter….

The secret ingredient to becoming a master recruiter is to develop your confidence which is also referred to as posture.  What I’ve learned is that closing is an attitude mixed with a little bit of skill.  It’s not necessarily WHAT you say but HOW you say it.  Have you ever wondered what makes someone add 20-30 new team members per month? That is posture.  Posture all starts with mastering your presentation.  Once you’ve mastered your presentation, you will develop an awesome level of confidence and your posture will shine through.  That’s when you will start closing with a lot more ease.  When you sound confident and excited, you will become magnetic, people will be drawn to you and your business. 

The Steps to GET IT DONE….

1.  Believe in what you are doing.  Develop a passion for helping people make money and helping them with your products and/or services.   When I did this, my business took off!  Once I realized how many people I was helping daily, I never looked back.  We have such an amazing opportunity in our hands in this industry.  When you hit the part of your presentation that goes over start up costs, be PROUD that for a small fee you can help someone change their lives.  Like myself for example, I am a single mom that is able to work from home full time.  I was able to completely fire my boss and come home full time to my kids.  That’s a BIG deal. Develop a passion for the products and services you are offering.  Use them, get familiar with them, fall in love with them. Create your own testimonial.  When your products or services have personally touched your life, your passion will be ignited in your presentation and passion sells!

2.  Get out of your comfort zone and do that presentation over and over and over again.  You cannot reach greatness in life hanging out in a comfort zone.  You have to get up and get out of that comfort zone!!  Push yourself if you have to!  Each time you will get more and more comfortable with your presentation and the posture will begin to shine through.  Keep making a minimum 3-5 FULL presentations a day, five days a week.  If you do that consistently, you WILL get good at it!  It’s a fact and it’s really that simple. 

3.  Listening to Prospecting Calls.  If your team leaders host live prospecting calls where you can call in and listen to them in action, take advantage of that!  Listening to my team leaders while they were making live presentations is how I learned to recruit.  What I learned from these calls was that I was doing it all wrong.  I was reading a script and trying to “sell” someone.  I didn’t put a lot of emotion into it nor did I really care about my prospect.  I noticed that on their prospecting calls that they were very conversational and genuinely interested in the best interest of the prospect.  They were building relationships with these people.  The focus was on the prospect and their needs, not to only get a paycheck.  Learning that was a huge wake up for me in my business.  From that moment forward, I shifted my focus on to the prospect.  Why were THEY looking to work from home, what was THEIR why, how long have THEY been looking, how can I help THEM.  This was huge!  Not only did I start getting more enrollments but I started having fun!  This is when recruiting became a huge passion of mine.  If your team leaders don’t offer this type of training call, ask them to start one.

4.  Don’t take no’s personally.  Recruiting is a numbers game.  No matter how good you are, you will get no’s.  What I’ve always done is focus on how many people I can talk to versus how many people I can enroll.  Focusing on results can stress you out especially if it takes you 200 conversations to get your first yes like it did for me.  Instead, focus on practicing and talking to as many people as possible.  I personally keep a notebook of all my presentations.  My goal is to fill that notebook and only full presentations go in it.  Focusing on filling the notebook versus focusing on yes’s or no’s helped me tremendously.

5.  Don’t act like a used car salesman during your presentation.  You don’t ever want to sound desperate or full of hype. That will run people off.  Never beg people to join or keep calling them back over and over again with follow up calls.  Two calls is plenty then just bless and release and stick them in your email system for future email follow up.  Sometimes the timing is just not right and they will come back to you when it is.

6. Never spend too much time on a prospecting call.  You need them to know that your time is valuable. If you’re spending 45 minutes on one call, that’s too long.  Now there will be exceptions to this is you have someone asking tons of questions but you want to make sure you have control of the call and you’re not just letting them talk about random stuff not related to working at home for 45 minutes.  People want to be associated with busy and successful people.  Your time is valuable, respect it.7. Not what you say but how you say it.

When you get to the end of the presentation, assume that they are going to join your team.  Don’t question it.  What you’re offering with your home business is awesome, of course they want to do it! That’s the attitude I have. Use minimizing words like “just” or “only” when explaining your start up fee.  Tell them you would love to have them on your team and just start taking their application.  I always say “It just takes a few minutes to get your information and we can have you up and running in about five minutes, I just need to verify the address that you’d like to have your checks mailed to.”  Do they all enroll? No. But a lot of them do.  Go into with an attitude of they’re going to join our team.  It will make a big difference.8.  Treat your business as what it is…..a multi million dollar, life changing opportunity.  In this home based business industry, we have something amazing in our hands!  Realize that, be proud of it and it will show in the music of your voice during your presentation.  Whenever I call someone, I visualize myself being my mentor on the very first day day she called me.  I waited by the phone for days for that call.  I could not wait to talk with her and enroll.  She changed my life with that one phone call and I think of that before I make each call.

9.  NEVER GIVE UP -  Don’t even have it in the back of your head as an option.  If you do, your prospects will also hear that in your voice.  Your prospect wants to enroll with someone who is going to the top not someone who is unsure.   Proudly tell them at the end that you are going straight to the top and you’ll take them with you!  Don’t let the No’s discourage you.  Every “no” you get, you are one step closer to a yes.  If I would have given up during all those no’s I received in the beginning, I would still be sitting in a cubicle at a job I despised and my kids would still be in daycare.  NEVER give up!10.  Personal Development - The more develop your self esteem, the more you will develop self confidence.  The more good stuff you put in, the more good stuff you can give out in your presentation.  I listened to my presentation go from “Blah not getting any enrollments” to “Wow, getting lots of enrollments” just by working on my personal development.  Like I said earlier, posture is a sort of attitude or confidence. If you don’t have that yet, it’s okay, just work on yourself daily until you get it.  You will see your life transforming on many levels.  The investment of time required for this is so well worth it! One common denominator that all the leaders in this industry share is that they are always actively seeking to improve themselves.  Listen to audios, read articles, read books, whatever it takes to build a better you! Working on me has been a huge part of my success from home.  CLICK HERE to see some of my favorites that have helped me to become a master recruiter.

Those 10 steps will help you develop “The Stuff” needed to become a master recruiter.  Remember, you have everything in you that you need to become a great recruiter.  You might just need to refine your skills and do some tweaking to your presentation.  If you care about people and you want to help them, that is more than half the battle.  Be a giver and watch your business grow!  ALWAYS remember to GO FOR THE CLOSE!!!  If you don’t ask them to join your team at the end, you just wasted your time!  The most important thing I want to leave you guys with is to believe in yourself!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  If you want it, go get it!  Make it a goal to GET GOOD!!
Believing in you,

10 thoughts on “10 Steps to Becoming a Master Recruiter without the Hype

  1. Wow Kristie, this is such an awesome article, and your passion for this business really shines in it. Every point is a point well taken and very true. Looking forward to seeing more on this! God bless!

  2. Great information Kristie! This is something every new business owner needs to read! Its so true as well because once we are able to master our presentation we are able to become better at closing!

    Confidence is something that will come to everyone with practice! I was horrific when I first joined and I sure wish I had some of my first calls recorded! :)

  3. You are my “Guru” Kristie……I’m not there yet……I need a lot of work with my closing….but you keep me motivated and I will never quit!!! Thanks for the excellent arcticle:)

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