How to Start Branding Yourself on Facebook

I hope you all enjoyed my first Facebook 101 Topic, “Profile Page, Fan Page or Both?”  I received some really great feedback from you guys and I’m just SO happy that I could help. I remember how overwhelmed I felt with marketing on Facebook at first and if I can ease some of that for you guys, then it’s a complete success for me:)
Now that you have your page(s) setup, you may be wondering “What now?”  Well, now you are ready to start branding yourself!  Branding yourself is getting your name recognized as the “go to” person on your chosen subject.  Personal branding catches the attention of people in our industry and showcases you as an instant expert.  This is a process that requires consistent effort and a long term time commitment. But it is so worth it in the long run.  Here are some quick tips to get you in action mode TODAY:The most important way to start branding yourself is to put yourself out there and focus on daily action on your page(s).  You want your friends and fans to see you out there everyday.  You may be thinking “Okay, that sounds great but what do I put on my page?”  Great question!!  The most important thing when working on personal branding is to think about what type of presence you would like to create.  You want to become someone that people want to follow, someone that provides value, inspiration and a positive, uplifting energy. And don’t feel like you are not someone knowledgeable or interesting enough for people to follow.  YOU are fabulous and YOU have information and greatness inside of you that you can share and that will help people!!!  Believe that and it will all start to flow beautifully!!

What to do on your page(s):
  • Update your status - This can be very basic “What are you doing?” stuff.  Since my mission is providing content for working successfully at home so I can be home with my kids, I like to paint a picture of what my day looks like, how much freedom my home business gives me in my status.  For example, a recent status update that I posted was “Kristie is ready for this BUSY day! Just got Brit to Chorus club, now headed to Landon’s field trip, then the book fair after school, Brit’s Chorus Concert tonight and finally co-hosting a team call before bed! Bring on the 15 hour energy!!!”
  • Personal pictures or videos - People love to know about your personal lives, that’s why Facebook is so popular.  Share pictures and videos from your life on your pages.  It will make you more real, warm and welcoming.  They will be able to connect with you on a deeper level, in turn, making you more memorable.
  • Other videos – These can be videos that you take of yourself providing instruction or sharing a message or could be an inspirational video that you run across on You Tube, for example.  Any video pertaining to your niche will work nicely.
  • Articles - Find articles or write your own about a topic that fits your niche that your readers will enjoy and can learn from.
  • Quotes – People LOVE to feel inspired!  There are SO many great quotes out there that will help people reflect and get them motivated.  Make it a goal to inspire people, they will love you for it!!  And it will inspire YOU along the way!
  • Blog posts – Link your blog and Facebook account to the Networked Blogs application on Facebook.  That way, when you publish a new post on your blog, it will automatically post to your page.
  • Sharing other’s posts - When someone in your network posts something of great value, pay it forward and share it for them.  Give them credit where credit is deserved:)  And when you tag their name in your post, it posts on their wall to for their friends to see also, giving you extra views.
  • Be social – There is a reason that Social Networking has the word social it in.  It’s about sharing, networking, building relationships, appreciating others and giving back.  So, you want to join in the social circle.  Reply to your friend’s statuses, “like” their statuses, just have fun chatting with some great people.  Don’t be nervous about fitting in or not knowing what to say.  Once you reach out and show someone you care by “liking” their status or commenting, you’ve got yourself a lifelong Facebook friend!

What NOT to do on your page(s):

  • Don’t post anything negative anywhere on Facebook…EVER!  You need to be positive but not cheesy and over the top.  You don’t want to be annoying then people will just hide your feed.  When you’re on a social networking platform like Facebook, everything you write is for the public to see.  You really need to ask yourself what kind of presence you want to create for the world to see, for your friend’s to see, for your potential business partners and customers to see.  The biggest mistake I see people make on Facebook is being gung-ho positive and excited about their business one day and the next day they full blown negative about their life and sometimes even using bad language.  Then the next day, back to positive.  That’s a big no no!  Not many people will want to join that or follow that.  In branding yourself, you are in a leadership role and you have to behave like a leader and create and treasure your reputation and be someone people will respect.  My rule of thumb goes back to the elementary days, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Sure, we all have our moments where we’re having a bad day but keep that at home and not for all of Facebook to see.
  • Don’t blast ads in your status everyday!  Your goal is to build relationships (get to know people) and provide value.  Make 90% of your content information that will help your friends and fans.  The other 10% can be promoting what you are offering.
  • Don’t post your sales pitch on people’s walls or in response to their statuses.  You don’t want to become that person that is just on Facebook to take, you want to be a giver!  Givers ALWAYS receive in the long run!

Give back and Pay it Forward

Speaking of being a giver, personal branding doesn’t have to be all about YOU!  You can also make it about others.  You will meet and may already know some amazing people on Facebook with the same goal as you, to brand themselves.  So help them out!  Team up with a couple of them and share their content when they post something interesting and helpful.  Click on the “share” option right under their status and help get their info out there also.  They will appreciate it so much that they will return the favor with one of your future posts.  Doing that also counts toward your daily action of what you can share that day.  So it also saves you time which we all need more of these days!  Working it smart and being a giver….that’s a recipe for success!!

Okay, you are ready to rock and roll and get yourself out there!!!  Go have fun on your mission!!!  That’s the most important part.  Love what you do and how you do it and you will build BIG!!!  If you feel this post will help someone you know, please feel free to share it with them!  Also, I would LOVE to keep hearing all your feedback and comments, they are MUCH appreciated:)

Have a SUPER productive and happy day!!!

11 thoughts on “How to Start Branding Yourself on Facebook

  1. I’d love to start a facebook page, and these are great tips. I’m off to read your other post about facebook.

    My problem has been that I don’t want to put my real name when I sign up – I go by “Big Fat Mama” on my blog, and would like to do the same on facebook, however facebook doesn’t allow this when I sign up, they want my real name. Any suggestions?
    Big Fat Mama

  2. You’re VERY welcome!! So happy you figured it out!! I actually did the same thing, used “The Savvy WAH Mom” instead of my name for my fan page and my real name for my profile page:)


  3. You’re VERY welcome guys! I’m glad it could help. I know when I was learning all this stuff, I was so overwhelmed with all the info! So I’m happy to make someone’s life a little easier:) ~Kristie:)

  4. Kristie! Thank you so much for sharing this information. So many people out there simply do not know the needed steps to take in order to set this up successfully.

    This information is extremely helpful as always!

  5. Thank you Kristie! I am a newbie to AmeriPlan and altho I know quite a bit about Social Media, your tips have still been invaluable (as was your Bootcamp Training). With your assistance, I feel I can establish my online presence in half the time. Questions: What are your thoughts on using LinkedIn to promote your business? Is that something you’d suggest? If yes, I’d love to see some articles on that as well. Thanks again! Your “pay it forward” mentality is so refreshing!!!

  6. I have a Facebook business page for my VA busines but I don’t keep up with it as often as I should. I used to have a business page for my real estate business. My friends and family were friends. I have one family member who cusses ALOT. Well, the broker saw that, called me into his office and we basically got into a shouting match. OVER FACEBOOK! I hadn’t even seen the comments! Not only should you never post anything negative but be sure to ask your friends and family to keep their comments clean.
    Great Post!

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