Online Promotional Codes – My Latest Craze!!

I want to share this with you guys today as it can certainly help you out with the upcoming holiday season!  MANY people are on budgets these days with the current state of the economy and every little bit helps:)

Back in August, I was preparing for the exciting and costly “Back to School” shopping frenzy.  My daughter is now in the fourth grade and ALL into fashion.  Which is incredibly cute as I SO remember clothes and accessories being a HUGE part of my life all the way through my school years.  Whether we like to admit it or not, appearance is important.  It’s not everything, but it certainly can help a kid out with the peer issues.  My little boy is a little easier, he’s is the first grade and doesn’t really care what he wears as long as it doesn’t have buttons anywhere on the shirt and it has some sort of sports reference on it.  He’s already a T-shirt and sports kinda guy.

I absolutely love to shop online as it not only saves time (which in my home based business, time equals money) but it also saves gas and the headache of shopping with kids.  I love my kids dearly but let’s be real, it’s not easy shopping with children.  Online shopping saves me the stress of my daughter saying over and over in a voice of desperation “Mommy, I NEED these, I’m going to be the ONLY one without sparkly $40 leggings with a peace sign on the butt out of all my friends” all while searching for my little boy who thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to hide under the racks!  So decision made….online back to school shopping it was this year!!!

My mother has got to be one of the most frugal women I’ve ever known.  She is a retired accountant and even though she has had success in her life, she remains frugal.  She reads finance and investment books 5-8 hours per day and she will be the first one to preach that “All self made millionaires do not spend carelessly, they are frugal and live below their means.”  Up until about 25 years old, I never listened to a word she said, I already knew everything.  You know how that goes.  Then I woke up to the ways of the world and grew up.  Not sure what triggered it, but I started realizing that my mom knew her stuff and I should open my ears and listen!!  And from that moment forward, she has been my financial inspiration and unofficial financial advisor.  If I want to invest $1000+, I ask my mom what I should do with it.  So of course, during this back to school shopping frenzy, I called her and asked her if she had any recent coupon mailings to Justice (THE absolute coolest girl’s clothing retailer out there right now and OMG, all my daughter’s BFFs are like totally going to have clothes from there) and also The Children’s Place, which is mommy’s favorite store to shop as the prices are affordable, the clothes are great quality and the little girls clothes, look like little girls clothes.  I won’t risk the chance of having the same outfit as my daughter or her looking like a 20 year old.  I was disappointed to hear that my mom didn’t have any of those awesome 20-40% off coupon mailings from either store.  And that’s when I heard the most beautiful words from her, “Kristie, just go online and Google Promotional Codes and you’ll find some for those two stores and a TON of others.”  I immediately jumped on my laptop and did just that.  It was SO exciting to find online coupon codes for nearly every store that I use.  I found a 40% off coupon code for Justice and a 20% off coupon code for the Children’s Place.  I was one happy back to school shopping mommy!!

The first site I ran across was  AWESOME site!!!  I highly recommend it as I’ve used it many times since I found out this little secret.  I also love There are also others if you don’t find what you want there.  Just hop on Google and enter promotional codes, you’ll have tons of pages to choose from.  Get even more specific and type in “Promotional Codes for ______” Just fill in that blank with whatever store you’d like.

Another quick tip about shopping online, shop the sales!!!!!  The beautiful thing about online shopping is the virtual sales racks are huge!!  You will find stuff there that you would never find at the store.  I know you’ve all found every single size of that beautiful shirt on sale EXCEPT the size you need!  We’ve all been there, isn’t it ironic?  Don’t you think?  Well online, you have a much better chance at getting that $25 shirt in size 12 for just $3.99 than you do at the store. And don’t forget having that frustrating feeling all while one kid is hiding under a rack of clothes and the other is having a pre-teenage drama queen reaction to her size not being available.  Nah, I’m going to pass on that and shop online!!  With the online coupon codes and shopping the sales, I ended up with 10 outfits for JUST $98.  That’s right, $98!  And that was from those two, high quality, trendy children’s stores.

And one last tip!  During the holidays, all the big online retailers compete for business and a big way they do that is by offering free shipping.  Wait for the free shipping deals, that will save you a bunch!

Definitely share this SUPER saving information with all your mom friends, they will be so grateful to save some money.  In this crazy economy, us savvy moms have to look out for each other;)

Happy online shopping!

5 thoughts on “Online Promotional Codes – My Latest Craze!!

  1. You should also check out She’s super on top of all the latest deals and sends out an e-mail daily to her subscribers with all the hottest stuff. I got movie tickets to big named theaters for $5.00 each!!! Oh happy day that we can all go to the movies as a family for $20.00!!! Not to mention freebies, sales (online and in your cities), how to make the most of coupons, etc…

  2. Hi Kristie – Great Blogs! If you love shopping online check out
    Sign in as a preferred customer and go to the “Shop Partners” tab at the top of the page. There are close to 4,000 retail stores and coupons and exclusive deals are posted right on the front of each stores page! In fact, try using more than 1 coupon by separating each with a comma. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save. The site also has cash back, as well as a comparison shopping feature. This is a true online shoppers dream website. My kids are 7 and 9 – so I totally “get” online shopping.Let me know what you think! And…happy shopping!

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