Truly Custom Crunch, you will LOVE this!!!

A dear friend of mine, Stacey Hill, had a dream of being a full time work at home mom a few years ago. I remember when she told me she was going to take a cake decorating class and I thought “How cool and fun is that?!?” That’s when she found her passion in cake decorating and started her own home business called Truly Custom Cakery.  I believe this is Stacey’s gift, she is TRULY talented with her creations.  I have watched her grow with it over the past couple years and am SO very proud of her and happy for her success!  It is much deserved!  Truly Custom Cakery not only creates the most beautiful and creative cakes I’ve ever seen, but also gorgeous cupcakes, cookies and Stacey’s FAMOUS Truly Custom Crunch! 

Stacey has been telling me about her Crunch since I’ve known her for the past five years.  I always wanted to try it but she lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Florida…little bit of a mileage gap:)  BUT, now she has incorporated her Crunch in with her Truly Custom Cakery business and provides shipping to all over the United States, wooohooo!!!  I was so excited when I opened my mailbox last week and found a package from Truly Custom Cakery.  Finally, I was going to get to experience The Crunch!

My kids were with me when I brought the package inside and of course they were jumping all around me and asking me over and over “What is it mommy, who’s it from, who’s it for??”  I was as excited as them but had to act a little more adult like about it:)  I pulled out the Crunch gift box and it looked like something straight out of a fancy little bakery shop.  It was in a high quality box with a gorgeous aqua and brown polka dotted bow (which my daughter now wears in her hair) and inside were two beautifully wrapped packages of Truly Custom Crunch.  I immediately opened one and gave a piece to my kids and then took one for myself and the kitchen just got quiet for a minute until the “mmmm’s” started.  The Crunch is popcorn, almonds and walnuts covered in delicious chocolate and other sweet secret ingredients. I’ve tasted other products with this concept over the years but NOTHING compared to this!  It was so yummy that we sat there and ate the whole first bag within five minutes.  And while everyone was sleeping a few nights later, I sat in my living room watching a movie and finished the entire second bag by myself.  It was fabulous “mommy time” for sure!

I would highly recommend Stacey’s Truly Custom Crunch for all your holiday needs.  Whether you choose to gift it or keep it for yourself, it is well worth it!!!  Your friends and family will feel as special as I did when I received my package:) 

To place your order, you can visit  Enjoy!

Thank you Stacey for the special gift!  You are the best and I wish you continued success!

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