12 Mistakes that Cause Women to Fail in their Home Business – Part One

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You usually read tips of what you CAN do to help you grow your business.  Well this week I’m putting a different spin on things. I’m going to share things NOT to do in your business, the top 12 mistakes that cause women to fail in their home businesses.  And hopefully, you will read with an open heart and learn from them:)

Each one of these mistakes are very common and about 99% of home business owners make at least one of them if not several. Once the mistakes are acknowledged, they can be easily reversed.  However, these mistakes, if not caught early on, can lead to the failure of your business and some discouragement.  And we want the majority of your days as a work at home mom to be happy and encouraging!  You will have bad days too, but avoiding these mistakes will help you eliminate quite a few of them!

Mistake #1:  Waiting for your enroller to call you and offer help

In this business it is crucial to make sure that you are connected to your enroller.  But don’t wait for them to call you!  Your enroller is most likely leading a large team of people and focusing on the team members that are “in the game”.  The proper course of action is to contact your enroller anytime YOU need help.  Your enroller does not know you are struggling unless you let them know.   They are not mind readers.  Call them, Instant Message them, Facebook them, let them know you are serious and “in the game” and that you have questions or need mentoring.   ALWAYS remember that your enroller wants to hear from you!!  That is what this business is all about!

Mistake #2:  Not being prepared for Dream Stealers

Without a doubt you will come across people, usually friends and loved ones, who might try to steal your dreams.  They may tell you, “You can’t do one of those things, that work at home stuff doesn’t work.”  These people are called Dream Stealers. And most of them feel they are just trying to protect you.  Unfortunately most people are preprogrammed to believe that working a 40 hour a week job for 40 years is the only option and that a home based business is not going to work. And we know that’s not true, that’s why we’re here.  We are among the elite 3% that know there is a better way and are willing to go for it!!  As for those dream stealers, there is a simple fix:  Don’t let them!  No one can steal YOUR dreams unless YOU let them!  And they will come around when you show them the money!

Mistake #3:  Not completing your training

An all too common mistake is when someone is just so excited to get into working their new business they skip the training steps.  This is a short and easy mistake to explain and avoid.  Simply, do your training, don’t skip any steps.  They are there because they are ALL very important to your success.  Remember, when you need help, contact your enroller.   They are there to help however, if you don’t let them know you need help, they can’t help.

Mistake #4: Spending too much time on “busy work”

Starting a new home business is VERY exciting!  There are a lot of things that you can do.  You can get your home office all set up, you can load up on office supplies.  You can spend hours designing marketing supplies. You can take time to write out a business plan.  You can spend weeks reading, training, listening to calls and watching videos online.  All of these things are very exciting and will certainly benefit your business in the long run.  However, your first goal is to make back your initial investment and get to the point where you are earning enough income to cover your overhead.  So it’s important to do just the basic necessities and then jump right into working your business.  Sometimes in the beginning people are afraid to get out and start talking to people.  It is new for them and it puts them outside their comfort zone.  This is normal and about 70% of people experience these feelings and that perfectly ok.  I know I did.  The mistake is made when these people “hide behind” the busy work mentioned above.  That keeps them from having to face their fears.  The way to avoid this mistake is know from the beginning that 15% of your time should be focused on the “busy work” and 85% on actively marketing and prospecting.

Mistake #5: Having unrealistic expectations with income

Most home business owners are looking to be a part of a legitimate business and not a “get rich quick scheme.”  For most of us this statement should be true.  However, the mistake happens when people think, “Sure, I want a legitimate business, I don’t want a get rich quick scheme but I do want to make money real fast.”  Well, there is a problem with this and don’t worry if this is you because about 90% of people feel this way.  There is an easy fix though.  We have to remember the first part, we want a real, legitimate business and those don’t create tons of money overnight. Most new businesses are in business for 1-3 years before they even make a profit.  Fortunately for us it doesn’t take nearly that long.  In this industry, it’s usually only 1-3 months maximum to start making a profit.  Of course that is up to each individual person, how driven and committed they are.  And it is very possible to make hundreds even thousands your first month, many of us have.  I encourage you to strive for your financial goals from the start, however I advise you to have realistic expectations.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  But if you still feel like things are moving too slow, get with your enroller and they can advise you on how to get things moving quicker so you can start building those monthly residual checks we all love!

Mistake #6: Having unrealistic expectations with advertising and results

It takes time for advertising to work.  In most cases you won’t get tons and tons of replies from doing 1 or 2 forms of advertising only 1 or 2 times.  Those familiar with the advertising industry will tell you that it’s about repetition. Doing the advertising again and again is what creates true success.  They say that it takes a person three times of looking at something to actually SEE it.  Think of the work you do each day with advertising and marketing as planting seeds in your garden.  This has to be done in order to see the flowers.  It also takes some time for the seeds to start to grow.  The seeds are working and starting to grow under the soil, but you can’t see it yet even though it’s working or they’re growing.  Then, after several weeks you start to see a little bit of green poke out of the soil.  You can actually now see some results of your planting seeds although still only very small results.  And, if you are patient, before long, you will see beautiful colorful flowers!  A big thing that will help here is for you to work your way up to having five forms of advertising or marketing going on at the very same time each and every week. This can take months to accomplish but make it your goal.  Those who master this have very successful businesses!   If you feel you are not getting anywhere with your advertising, get with your enroller and revamp what you currently have going on. That’s what they are there for and they can help!

Those are the first 6 mistakes that cause women to fail in their home businesses.  Are you making any or many of them??  Keep your eyes out for the next 6 mistakes that will be posted in a couple days.

Please share this post with all of your work at home mom friends and family.  Together we can help bring MANY moms home!!

Much love and success,

What Your Home Business is Teaching Your Kids…Proud Mommy Moment Here!!!

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My Daughter, Brittani:)

When I started by home business in 2006, my biggest reason WHY I wanted to reach success from home was to provide a life for my kids that they deserved.  I was about to become a single mom and didn’t want to have the typical single parent home with the struggling financially and mom working two plus jobs just to make ends meet.  I wanted so much more for them.  I wanted to be a mom that was front and center in their lives, attending every field trip, class party, helping with their activities and sports, the whole nine yards.  I wanted them to live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood with top notch schools.  I knew that if I worked my home business hard and made sacrifices the first year that I could absolutely make that happen for them….and I have.  And I am blessed beyond belief.  What I didn’t know were the other effects my home business would have on my kids…..what they would pick up from me along my journey.

My daughter, who just turned 10 years old this week, recently started doing Girl Scouts.  And it’s that time of year when it’s time to start selling Girl Scout cookies!! Wooohoo!!  The second she got that order form in her hand, I could see her wheels start turning.  Her eyes got big and it was like I could see and feel her dreaming big.  She instantly shouted “Mommy, I am going to sell 1000 boxes!!!”  I told her that was such an ambitious goal but that the top seller last year only sold 350 and that maybe we should go by that as an example.  She thought for a moment and said “Ok, let’s sell 400 mommy!!”  I said “Are you sure baby, that’s going to be hard work?”  And she said with her chest out and her head held high “I can do anything mommy if I just believe I can” and she continued on with a mini speech that if I would have gotten on video, she could have been the next YouTube inspirational video sensation.  I felt tears start to well up in my eyes and I just hugged her tight.  I’m shaking a little as I write this.  I am one PROUD momma with an amazing little girl!!  And earlier this afternoon, I heard her chatting with a friend about a mini obstacle and she said “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, we can make it happen.”  I’ve noticed these little instances in my children over the past few years, I could go on and on with things her and my son have said and done that make me realize that I am teaching them so much by just being home with them and building my home business.

Having a home business is so much more than just making an income.  As mompreneurs, we go through so much personal development and really refine ourselves as successful, positive people inside and out and that rubs off on our kids.  They see us everyday working at home to build something for ourselves!  We are teaching them to set goals, to aim high, to think outside the box and to dream big!  We are teaching them that with a positive attitude and hard work, they can do anything!  We are setting amazing examples for them and that is something to really be proud of!  

So if you are a mompreneur, give yourself a pat on the back.  You are doing a FANTASTIC job mom!!