How to Get Out of Your Funk!

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I’ve been noticing lately by the stream of negative and discouraged posts on Facebook, that a lot of the people in my life are in a funk! This does not sit well with me as you all mean a lot to me and I want so much more for you!! So a little advice for you today…

You have to have an attitude of gratitude! I say this to my kids from time to time when life’s challenges come up and they get down on themselves or discouraged about a situation that arises. And my little guy, who is in second grade, will say all proud “Mommy, attitude and gratitude rhyme!” It’s no wonder the words rhyme as they go together hand and hand because when you have a grateful heart, you will have no choice but to have a positive attitude!   

People ask me all the time “How do you stay so happy and positive, Kristie?” Well, I certainly do have my down moments, as we all do, but for the most part I remain in a positive, happy state. It’s a big part of who I am, what I stand for and who I will become. I do this by always focusing on what I am grateful for…everyday! It is impossible to feel down when that is your focus.  

A little skeptical? I have a little mind exercise for you today. Place yourself in a setting where you can really reflect on everything you have to be grateful for. It can be sitting on your back porch enjoying the cool morning air, listening to the birds chirp, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, just sitting with your eyes closed thinking about all the things in your life that you have to be grateful for. Just breathe…in and out….and make a mental list of positives. 

Or if you’re in more of a get up and go kind of mood, put that iPod on and start walking or running. I do this many times a week. I have my iPod loaded with songs that really make me feel blessed and help me to reflect on all the good stuff in my life. A few songs off the top of my head that I have on there, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, “Anyway” by Martina McBride, “Live High” by Jason Mraz and the list goes on. I cannot come home from that walk without feeling energized, rejuvenated and most importantly…grateful!

Whichever setting you choose doesn’t matter. Just put yourself there on a daily basis and watch your attitude transform and your life change for the better! No matter what situation you’re in, you have a lot to feel grateful for. The first being that you get to be here today to read this. With just this moment, be grateful you can read, that you have your sight, that you are breathing, that you woke up today…you have so many things to be grateful for, you just have to recognize them.

Sometimes when I do this exercise, I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that it brings tears to my eyes. Why are so many of us focusing on the bad when there is so much good?

Yes, this world has gone crazy, there is so much negative out there trying to drag us down. BUT, you have a choice!! Are you going to let it drag you down? Or are you going to fight it and BE the change you want to see in the world? Seems like a simple choice. But I tell you, it’s MUCH easier to fall victim to the negativity. That’s why there is much more of that out there in the world. The staying positive and being the change takes work!! It will not come easily, you will have to work at it everyday. The old saying we all know…anything in life worth having, takes work. But you can do it…and it’s worth it:)

Grateful for this day!

Things I’ve Learned on My Journey to Success at Home

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You WILL fall down and hit obstacles in your home business…
   BUT you WILL have team members that care about you and will help pick you up!!

You WILL have MANY people that do not want to join your team or buy your products/services…
   BUT you WILL find MANY that will say yes and will be lifelong business partners and friends!!

You WILL have marketing strategies that will fail or stop producing…
   BUT you WILL find that one ad that will produce incredibly and will help build your business to the next level!!

You WILL have people close to you that will doubt you and think you’re a dreamer and crazy for doing “one of those work at home things.”
   BUT you WILL have a WHOLE tribe of team members and leaders to help you prove them wrong!!

You WILL get discouraged that your business isn’t growing fast enough…
   BUT you WILL reach the top of that hump and start moving at an amazing speed, just like a roller coaster!!

You WILL get hung up on when you call a prospect…
   BUT you WILL have MANY that will be excited to hear from you!!

You WILL have people rudely ask you to remove them from your email list…
   BUT you WILL have people that will respond and enroll and thank you over and over again for blessing their lives and remembering them!!

You WILL have team members quit…
   BUT you WILL have MANY that will stay and not only pay you for the rest of your life but will become dear friends!!

You WILL get tired and wonder if it’s all worth it…
   BUT you WILL remember that working at home for a few years for yourself versus working at a job for 40 years is your driving force!!

You WILL doubt yourself and your ability to reach success…
   BUT you WILL remember your WHY and keep pressing forward!!

You WILL feel guilty about not spending as much time with your family as you’d like while you’re building…  
   BUT you WILL remember that you’re doing all of this for THEM and it’s only temporary!!

For every negative that you experience, there is a positive to get you back on track. Your home business is a journey and there will be MANY emotions involved. You’ll experience the good and the bad. But that’s what makes it great! It allows us to reach inside of ourselves, toughen up and GROW! Let’s talk about perspective…you know, that glass of water, will you focus on it being half empty, or half full?? It’s your choice and an extremely important one. So reflect on it, who do you want to be? Someone who looks for the good stuff or someone that dwells on the negative and sets themselves up for destruction. Choice seems easy, huh? Well, the choice IS easy! Following through is the tough part. Get your support system in place, your team, your mentors, industry trainers and turn to them when you need them! That’s what they’re there for!!!

Focusing on the good stuff,