Quick Tip: The Best Time of Day to Communicate with your Facebook Network

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I have been an avid Facebook user for quite some time and I continue to be incredibly impressed by this Social Media Machine.  750 Million users (and growing everyday) and more traffic than internet giants like Google…that is amazing!  More than half of those active users log in everyday to stay connected with their friends, customers and business partners.  With that many users jumping on Facebook daily, as home business owners and bloggers trying to connect with your social network, it’s crucial to know how and when to get your messages out there for people to see.
We live in a very fast paced, busy world.  Some people only jump on Facebook for minutes a day to check their messages and their news feed and many scroll through so fast that they miss stuff.  Some only communicate with Facebook through their smartphones for most of the week not allowing them as much convenience to click on links and check out what you are offering. Social networking is all about repetition. You won’t get much result, if any, if you only post your offers, specials, announcements, blog posts, etc. only once. Post them a couple times a week at different times in the day/week. Then you will start to see some results over time. There is a pscyhology to marketing, studies show that people have to see something at least three times before they actually SEE it.
Also, knowing what times of the day have the most traffic is essential in helping your posts have more visibility.

Studies have shown that the top three times of the day with the most users logged in to Facebook tend to be on weekdays at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST.  Apparently, the biggest spike occurs at 3:00 p.m. EST on weekdays.  Also, the first fifteen minutes of each hour see the highest numbers which is likely due to people taking their breaks at work at the beginning of an hour versus the latter part of the hour.  And one last fun fact – fans are less active on Sunday versus any other day of the week.  I tested this out with my friend list and sure enough, I had the most friends online during those periods. Interesting stuff, huh?

Posting at other times of the day is fine too.  If you’ve built up your fan base/friends list big enough, you will always have people online to view your messages.  However, wouldn’t you rather post during a time where double or triple the amount of people will be more likely to see it??  Timing is everything!  Some food for thought:)

Happy Networking!

Super Quick Dinners – They’ll Think You are Super Mom!

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Since I’ve been a full time work at home mom, I have welcomed all the challenges that come along with merging my inner domestic diva with my career at home.  It’s not always the easiest job, but it is right where I want to be and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  When I first decided to become a full time work at home mom, I knew it was going to be a balancing act and I would have to get a little savvy so I could make it all happen…and have fun in the process.

Cooking has always been a big part of my life.  Not only is it a huge hobby of mine but I love yummy, home cooked food!  However, spending an hour plus cooking everyday doesn’t fit in with my busy schedule.  So I improvise and am always on the lookout for recipes that I can throw together in a flash!

Here are the latest super quick recipes I have added to the rotation:
1. Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas with Guacamole-Salsa Salad -


If you are a fan of Mexican food, you will love this!  I put the toppings on the side since my seven year old is not too fond of lettuce, tomato and olives.

I serve this over elbow macaroni for the kids and top with colby jack cheese.


3. Homestyle Chicken Tender Bake with Apple Streusel Pizza – http://www.publix.com/aprons/meals/AllRecipes/SimpleMeal.do?mealId=6468&mealGroupId=1000

This recipe is so delicious that my kids beg me to make it again the next night!

4. Roast Pork and Black Beans on Rice with Zesty Herb Salad -http://www.publix.com/aprons/meals/AllRecipes/SimpleMeal.do?mealId=133&mealGroupId=1000

All four recipes are delicious and my whole family and any guests we have over eat every bite. And they all think I am super mom!!  Little do they know, it really doesn’t take much time to make these meals happen.

Looking forward to sharing more recipes with you in the future!  If you have any quick recipes that help you pull off your super, savvy mom gig, feel free to share.  My daughter and I are always looking for new recipes to try together….which is also spending quality time with her at the same time.  Multi-tasking at it’s best!!