How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

Facebook101One of the first, easiest and FREE things you can do to market your AmeriPlan business is to create a Facebook page for your business. This is a page that is completely different and separate from your personal Facebook page.  You will, however, need to have a personal Facebook account before you can setup a business page.  So, if you haven’t already setup a personal Facebook account, that is your first step.

If you’re a little unclear about the differences between a personal Facebook account and a business account… it’s pretty simple.  A personal account is just that, personal and not to be used for advertising.  You can share basic things about your business on your personal page.  For example, you could update your status about how you “Just love working at home in your PJs” or how you are “So excited that you just saved $1,000 on your daughter’s braces using your AmeriPlan benefits.”  However, Facebook has rules that you are not permitted to full blown market your business on your personal page.  What that means is, you cannot create posts that can result in making money on your personal profile.  An example would be, “Save 80% on Dental, visit”  That is a post that is meant for a business page, not your personal profile.  On your business page, you can share anything about your business, ads and information about working with our team and our benefits, invite them to calls, invite them to visit your website, etc.

Here are the exact, simple steps that you can take to setup your page.  (I am recording this call and I will be sending out these written instructions along with the recorded call shortly after this call is over.)

1. Log in to your personal Facebook account.  In the sidebar on the left side of the screen, you will see a link that says “Create a Page”.  If you already have created pages, you won’t see “Create a Page” but instead just click on the link that says “Pages.”  Then you will see the “Create a page” link to click on.

2. Now you are on the Create a Page screen.  Here you will choose the type of page you will have.  “Company, Organization, or Institution” is a good one to choose.

3. Next, you’ll choose the category for your page. Select the “Choose a Category” drop down menu. If you’re creating a page just for the benefits side, you can select “Health/Beauty” or “Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals.”  Either one is fine.  If you are doing a page for the work at home opportunity, you could select “Education” since you will be educating people on how to earn an income from home. There are also other options to choose from, feel free to choose another if you’d like.  These are just the ones that I have used.

4. Next you will name your Page. You can title your Page with your full name and your title. For example, “Kristie DeGraw, Independent AmeriPlan Representative.” I don’t recommend using your actual title. For example, “Regional Sales Director” because once you have 100 fans on your page, you will not be able to change the name of your page.  And we all KNOW that you will be promoting to SRSD and beyond real soon:)  Or feel free to get creative with the name of your page.  However, I do NOT recommend just naming your page “AmeriPlan.”  Whatever you choose for your page, just remember that once you hit 100 fans, there is no changing it. Once you’ve entered the name of your page, check the box that says “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms.” Then click the “Get Started” button. 

5. Now you will see a screen that will take you through three steps to set up your page.

  • Add a description and website for your page.  For the description, this is the little blurb that will appear below your cover image, as well as on your About page. Add a description for your business that will encourage people to want to “Like” your page and even to find out more about you and what you do.  For the website, add your website that you’re promoting, this can be your Freedom at Home Team site, your membership site, a blog, etc.
  • Choose a unique Facebook web address to make it easier for people to find your page.  For example, my page name is “The Savvy WAH Mom.”  So I chose “TheSavvyWAHMom” for the ending of my unique page name URL, so it’s  Be sure you are certain that you want to keep the page name you created before you choose to use the page name in your site URL.  Because once you set the URL, it cannot be changed.
  • You will then be asked, “Are you a real organization, school or government?” Click “Yes. “
  • You will then be asked, “Will (Whatever your page name is) be the authorized and official representation of this organization, school or government on Facebook?” Click “Yes.” However, If you just choose the name “AmeriPlan” for your page, which again I do not recommend, do not select yes for this option because you are not the official representation for the company AmeriPlan.
  • Then click “Save Info”

6. Now you will be prompted to add your profile photo. This is the main picture for your Page that everyone will see when you post anything on Facebook. So pick a good, happy picture of yourself.  I do not recommend using a logo instead of a picture.  People want to do business with a person not a logo.  A picture of you is much more welcoming and will set you apart from others. So once you have chosen a picture, Click the “Upload From Computer” link and select your picture from the files on your computer. Then once it uploads, click the “Next” button.

7. Next, you will be prompted to add your page to your favorites.  This will put your page in the left sidebar of your Facebook home page for easy access.  Click “Add” and then “Next.”

8. On the next page, it will prompt you to “Like” your own page so you can have your first Like:)

9. Now it will direct you to your Facebook page that you just created. You will see an Admin Panel at the top. As your Page grows and fans interact, you’ll see notifications and messages here, as well as analytics, once you have at least 30 fans.

10. Even though you see your page all setup, you’re not done personalizing it yet:) Now, you need to click on the “Add a Cover” tab to add a Cover Photo which is the big photo across the top of your page.  You can choose a picture of yourself and kids or a nice picture and quote for a work at home page.  Or if it’s a benefits page, choose something more related to that.  However, technically Facebook states that you cannot place advertisements that have your websites on them as your cover photo.  Once you’ve selected what picture you’d like to add, you will see a pop up informing you of Cover Photo guidelines. Click the “Okay” button.  The “Add a Cover” menu then appears (you may need to scroll down a little to see it.) Choose “Upload Photo.” Select your photo from your computer. Once you’ve selected it, Facebook will display a portion of it within the space. You have the option of clicking and dragging the photo so the portion you choose is displayed. Once you like the way it looks, click the “Save Changes” button.

11. Just like on your Facebook Profile, you can share status updates, photos, links, events and more from the Status Update box on the left below your About information.

12. Once you’ve shared some content, it’s time to tell your friends about your new Page! Scroll up to the Admin panel of your Page (above the cover photo). There are several ways to invite people. You can click the “Build Audience” drop-down and choose “Invite Friends” (for Facebook friends on your personal account) or Invite Email Contacts (for people you’re not friends with on Facebook). You can also click the “Invite Friends” link in the New Likes section in the bottom-left corner (this will only appear here until you have enough people who have liked your Page.) Finally, the Invite Friends section on the bottom right also displays friends it suggests you invite, and you can click the “See All” link to invite more friends.

13. Choosing any of the Invite Friends on Facebook options will bring up the Invite Friends dialog box. From here you can select any friends you want to invite to like your Page. By default, Facebook displays friends that you’ve recently interacted with on Facebook. However you can use the drop-down box in the top-left of this box to choose from other groups of friends, or all friends. Click the box next to each friend you want to invite to like your Page, and then click the “Submit” button. Once you click the Submit button, your friends will receive a notification that you’ve invited them to like your Page.

So now that you’ve set up your Facebook Page, it’s time to go out and share great content, build a community, and get to know people. If you’re wondering what to post on your page and how to build your fan base, I recently hosted a call on this topic.  You can find it on our team site at on the weekly calls page.  It is the call titled “Facebook Marketing 101″ in the left sidebar.  You can also visit my blog at and review the “Facebook Marketing” tab for more tips on building a Business Facebook page.

Also, find me on Facebook at so I can be one of your first fans!!  I will also share your page on our team Facebook page to help you start building your page right away:)  And please come “Like” my business page at  Following my page will also give you great ideas of things you can post on your page.

See you on Facebook!

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