Are you Afraid of Change?

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changeSome people are so afraid of change.  It’s human nature to feel that way, but I think those people need a mindset shift about change. I welcome change and get excited about it!  I haven’t always felt that way, but I have learned through experience that during times of change and discomfort, I have become better… and things I stressed out about always work out!  Change is a time where you can get out of your comfort zone and GROW!  Without change, you become stagnant and plateau with growth, goals and dreams. Change makes you, your business, the people around you and the world a better place.  Embrace change!! Progress is impossible without change!!

MAKE today GREAT!!

To our AMAZING Freedom at Home Team!!

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thank youI want to take a moment today to thank you all for sharing my AmeriPlan vision and for being on this journey with me! I feel so grateful every day that you were brought into my life and that we have the opportunity to work on something amazing together.

As you may already know, I recently reached AmeriPlan’s top level of National Vice President.  I am very much aware that I am here at this title because of YOU guys!!  Thank you all so very much!! I know I wouldn’t be here without you:)

Here is the video of our fabulous leaders presenting me with the NVP award at AmeriPlan’s National convention and me accepting it with our beautiful team leaders:

As mentioned on the video, I had never done a home business before. I had no experience or skills, but I had the desire to learn and make a positive change in my life.  And here I am today… home full time with my kids, enjoying a six figure residual income, driving a beautiful Cadillac CTS that AmeriPlan gave to me and not struggling to pay my electric bill anymore.  Life is GOOD!!

Please know that it is my MISSION to help you each reach this success at home with AmeriPlan as well.  I TRULY believe in all of you and I am here if you need anything!!!

Love to you all! 

AmeriPlan is HAPPY to Serve Us!!

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I LOVE my home business, AmeriPlan, with all my heart! This company has changed my life on SO many levels. We have SO much fun… not only those of us in the field but our INCREDIBLE corporate staff as well which is very apparent in the video below…LOL Well worth a few minutes of your time!!

To watch video, visit click below:

Have a “Happy” day!!!