Thanks for the laugh Rodney!

imagesCAUYFCYIFunny story… Just had a gentleman named Rodney come over to give me a quote to screen in my lanai.  After signing the contract to have the process started, he started asking questions about what I do for a living. I shared with him very briefly that I have a home business with AmeriPlan and he said “Wow, and that’s not a hoax?” Funny to me how the average person is so pre-programmed to think that ALL work at home is a scam. I responded respectfully “I wouldn’t have been doing this for over eight years if it was.” He then continued to ask me more questions (clearly I peaked his interest with my “hoax”) and he asked me how often I work.  I said “Oh, whenever I want really.” He asked if I will be working today and I immediately thought “Umm yeah, I will be writing a blog post about this conversation with you as soon as you walk out the door!” but instead I said “Yeah, I might work for a little bit.” and he said “Maybe you can make a little extra Christmas money with your little home business this year.”  LOL… DUDE, if you only knew!!! Thanks for the laugh Rodney! :)

Those are the types of conversations you can expect to have through the years of building your home business.  I can laugh at them and respond to them with confidence because I have seen the big success. If you’re newer in your business and you haven’t seen that big success yet, still respond to those people with confidence. Your success is coming! Don’t let words like hoax, scam, pyramid scheme, etc. scare you.  Those words are coming from people who are uneducated on what we do.  Don’t listen to the noise!! You ARE in the right place!

Build BIG… and make that “little extra Christmas money” and so much more! You deserve it!

7 thoughts on “Thanks for the laugh Rodney!

  1. Awww…that is cute! I would have been so tempted to just tell Rodney exactly how much “Christmas money” I would be making if I were you! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Kristie. This was great people do have their pre-conceived notions of home based business. I sure he really thought that too. “Make a extra little Christmas money”. Lol Awesome!

  3. Thank you Kristie – what a great story and experience, but so true. The public is so conditioned and we are here to let them know the difference!!

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