7 Emotions You Will Encounter in the First Year of a Home Business

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feelingsYour first year in a home business will be filled with a roller coaster of emotions. Here are seven emotions you will most likely encounter so you can be ready and know how to deal with them:

1. Excitement - You just started a business that is going to change your life!  You’re gung ho ready and excited to start building a successful business and residual income!  Then you start going through the training process and now you feel…
2. Overwhelmed - There is a lot to take in, a lot of websites, training calls, reading material, etc. Of course there is though, you’re starting a brand new business.  When you feel this way, talk to your mentor. They will remind you to be grateful that there is a lot of training versus not enough and they will assure you that the feeling of being overwhelmed will fade in the next week or two or three.  Then you will get excited again and start generating leads to talk to.  The leads start coming in and then a new feeling arrives…
3. Fear - You may start to think “Oh my goodness, I need to talk to this person, give them the details, answer their questions. Oh no, what if they ask a question that I don’t know the answer to?”  If this occurs, make the decision to make your reason WHY you’re doing your business BIGGER than your fear and DO IT AFRAID!  When you do that,  you will get to the point where you feel…
4. Happy - Because, YES, you just got your first enrollment, then your second enrollment and you may end up enrolling ten that month.  But then you may experience feeling…
5. Discouraged - If one of those ten quits!  You begin to understand that you shouldn’t focus on the quitter but you should focus on the nine that stayed and continue to press forward enrolling new people.  But then, you may start to feel…
6. Impatient - You may have enrolled 20 people by now but you still don’t see the big, full time income yet. You need it, I get that, I needed it too!  Remind yourself that this is a building process and it takes time to reach a six figure income, it doesn’t happen overnight.  However, you start seeing other people reach big income levels and you start…
7. Comparing yourself to others - You cannot compare your journey to anyone else’s.  It will destroy your focus.  Everyone’s journey is unique. That person you’re comparing yourself to may have been in business for four years and you’re brand new. You cannot compare your day three to someone’s year four. That person may have done many home businesses in the past, and this is your first. That person may work the business full time, and you’re working your business part time.  Everyone’s journey is unique. Your success will come when you stop focusing on others’ success and start focusing on your own!

Now, if these feelings sound familiar to you, you are not alone.  We all go through these feelings in the beginning!  Some of the feelings are fun, some are not so fun.  No matter which one they are, they are all a part of the process and they will make you better in the long run.  I believe we have to go through these feelings ourselves so that when we have new team members that go through them, we can empathize and help them through it!

I’ll leave you with this… anything worth having, will not come easy. It may not be easy. But it WILL BE WORTH IT!!!


21 Quick Tips to Help You Build a Successful Home Business

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business-success-quotes-224x300People ask me all the time “What is your secret? What is it that you are doing to reach success, can you give me some tips? I want to be a successful work at home mom too!!” These 21 tips are my “Secret” and if you follow them everyday consistently, you too will be a six figure earner in the work at home industry!  I TRULY believe that!

1. Better listening means more enrollments.  Focus on your prospects needs rather than yours. How can you help THEM?  Listen for their why.  Engage with them. You will create a connection with your prospect if they can hear that you care.  This is how you will become a master recruiter.

2. Smile on your prospecting calls.  They will hear the kindness and excitement in your voice.  Take the saying “Smile and Dial” to heart… it works!!

3. Focus on how many people you can talk to versus how many people you can enroll. When you’re focused on results, it can stress you out.  Instead, focus on talking to as many people as you can.  Think of each conversation whether they enroll or not as a success.  When you do this, the enrollments WILL follow!

4. If an advertising method isn’t working, try something else. Don’t dwell on what is not working, go out and find something that DOES work!

5. Do something today completely out of your comfort zone.  Like TODAY, when you’re done reading this!  Whatever makes you uncomfortable but you know in the back of your mind that not doing it is holding you back from success… DO IT!!!!

6. Instead of focusing on the negative, find something positive to focus on. Don’t let negativity overpower your day. You have a choice. Is this going to be a good day or a bad day?  Also, your team is watching you, your prospects are listening to you, Attitudes are contagious, what you feel, they will feel.

7. Be grateful for what you already have.  When you’re focusing on the good things in your life (and you have them, even if you think you don’t), it’s hard to be negative or feel down.  Living with an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference.

8. Make someone smile today.  Spread happiness.  Be Kind. Not only will you make someone’s day, they will turn around and bless someone else with their happiness.  And this in turn will put a smile on your face!

9. Readers are leaders… what are you currently reading? Grab a good book, read a chapter a day and watch your life and your business transform into greatness!

10. Have you listened to a training call this week?  Your team’s training calls are part of your lifeline. No matter what level you are with your business, don’t ever feel as if you’ve arrived. You must always focus on growing!

11. Stay in contact with your enroller! This is the other half of your lifeline. Don’t wait for them to contact you.  They are waiting and excited to hear from you!  That’s when they know you’re serious about your business.

12. Make your team members feel as special as they are.  Be a cheerleader for your team.  Recognize them for every victory, big or small.  It will make their day and push them to work harder!

13. Cheer for yourself!!!  Believe in YOU!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!  Your business will be as successful as you think you can make it!

14. Laugh off your mistakes and keep pressing forward. Take each mistake and learn from it.  Embrace them, they will make you better!

15. Take one day off per week to enjoy your family. After all, aren’t they what you are working for?

16. Make a to-do list every morning.  Sounds simple, right?  This one tip will help you to stay organized and on task.  Try it and enjoy the feeling at the end of the day when you know you’ve had a productive day.

17. Treat your business like a business, not a hobby.  You have to be THE HARDEST BOSS YOU’VE EVER HAD! Respect your business, show up for work, be consistent, and you will earn business income instead of hobby income.

18. Don’t spend too much time on Facebook, pick up the phone!  Facebook is an amazing marketing tool for us in this industry, use it.  But don’t get sucked in to just sitting there all day scrolling through the news feed.

19. Lead by example. Don’t just talk about it, get out there and DO IT!  I never ask my team to do anything I’m not willing to get out there and do myself.  If you want your team to be top producers, BE a top producer yourself!

20. Small action steps compounded over time turn into something great. CONSISTENCY is the secret to building a successful home business!!!  Touch your business every single day.

21. Don’t quit before the blessing. The first year in network marketing is the hardest. It’s new, your learning the ropes, finding your niche, programming yourself to have a business mindset. All the successful people that you see in this industry that have the success that you want, they ALL went through their first year, they all had bumps and obstacles. YOU are not the only one that is hitting obstacles. Obstacles are a part of life. They are a test to see what you’re made of. So if you want success, know that you have to go through all of that first before you reach the blessing. And the blessing guys… is so worth it!

GO for greatness!!  You deserve it!!

Which one tip is your favorite?  Leave me a comment below:) I would love to hear from you!

Cheering you on,

How I Got 400 New Fans on My Facebook Page For Free, in Five Days!

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I have been dying to share this with you guys for days! Every time I find something that works beautifully for me in my home business, I want to shout it from the rooftop to help EVERY single WAHM I know reach greater heights of success in their business! After all, we are all in this together and by sharing, we are paying it forward and helping many reach their dream of being a work at home mom. This is a movement guys…jump on the bus and be a part of something incredible! No more bosses, no more rat race, no more daycares…that’s a beautiful thing!

SO, how I got 400 new fans on my Facebook fan page (FOR FREE!) in just five days…

I was scrolling through Facebook last Friday and ran across a fan page called Addicted to Networking. It definitely peaked my curiosity so I “Liked” the page and discovered an amazing tool to help increase my fans on my fan page. Addicted to Networking is a networking community dedicated to helping people build their fan pages. They have events called Like Ladders. When they announce a new like ladder through a status update, you comment with tag to your fan page. A tag is easy to create, you simply enter the @ symbol and then begin to type the name of your fan page. You will notice that once you start typing in your fan page name, a drop down menu will pop up and you just select your page. That creates a blue link also known as a tag. Then you travel up the ladder of comments and like the pages of the other people that have posted their fan pages. And most importantly, you give a shout out to Addicted to Networking on your page which they very much deserve. It is teamwork at it’s best and whoever thought of it is pure genius! After all, many people trying to build fan pages don’t start out with a big network of people and building their fan page can be difficult. This certainly helps!

After falling deeply in love with this concept, I went on a mission to find other pages just like it and ran across quite a few (and I’m sure there are many more out there I haven’t discovered yet as I’ve only been doing this for five days). Here are the others I have found:

Like 2 Like
You Got Fans 2020
Fan Page Promote
Promote My Fan Page
I Dream of Fans

If you are on a mission to build your fan page…RUN, don’t walk, over to those pages, click the “Like” button and join in on the fun of building your fan pages. I have not only increased my fans by over 400 but I have connected with some really amazing people in the process. What I’ve seen with this method is a whole lot of teamwork going on. It’s really awesome, positive energy and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

Finally, if I haven’t “Liked” your fan page(s) yet, please post them on my wall at TheSavvyWAHMom. I would absolutely love to be a part of helping you build your page!

Many blessings,

Quick Tip: The Best Time of Day to Communicate with your Facebook Network

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I have been an avid Facebook user for quite some time and I continue to be incredibly impressed by this Social Media Machine.  750 Million users (and growing everyday) and more traffic than internet giants like Google…that is amazing!  More than half of those active users log in everyday to stay connected with their friends, customers and business partners.  With that many users jumping on Facebook daily, as home business owners and bloggers trying to connect with your social network, it’s crucial to know how and when to get your messages out there for people to see.
We live in a very fast paced, busy world.  Some people only jump on Facebook for minutes a day to check their messages and their news feed and many scroll through so fast that they miss stuff.  Some only communicate with Facebook through their smartphones for most of the week not allowing them as much convenience to click on links and check out what you are offering. Social networking is all about repetition. You won’t get much result, if any, if you only post your offers, specials, announcements, blog posts, etc. only once. Post them a couple times a week at different times in the day/week. Then you will start to see some results over time. There is a pscyhology to marketing, studies show that people have to see something at least three times before they actually SEE it.
Also, knowing what times of the day have the most traffic is essential in helping your posts have more visibility.

Studies have shown that the top three times of the day with the most users logged in to Facebook tend to be on weekdays at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST.  Apparently, the biggest spike occurs at 3:00 p.m. EST on weekdays.  Also, the first fifteen minutes of each hour see the highest numbers which is likely due to people taking their breaks at work at the beginning of an hour versus the latter part of the hour.  And one last fun fact – fans are less active on Sunday versus any other day of the week.  I tested this out with my friend list and sure enough, I had the most friends online during those periods. Interesting stuff, huh?

Posting at other times of the day is fine too.  If you’ve built up your fan base/friends list big enough, you will always have people online to view your messages.  However, wouldn’t you rather post during a time where double or triple the amount of people will be more likely to see it??  Timing is everything!  Some food for thought:)

Happy Networking!

12 Mistakes that Cause Women to Fail in their Home Business – Part Two

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A couple days ago I shared with you the first 6 of 12 Mistakes That Cause Women to Fail in their Home Business.  Here are the remaining mistakes:
CLICK HERE to read Mistakes 1-6 :)


Mistake #7: Not setting a schedule

This step is so simple but SO many new home business owners don’t follow it.  You really need to set a schedule for yourself.  For example:  I work Monday – Friday from 8-5.  Create a schedule that works best for you and try your very best to stick to it.  This is your own business, so now and then it’s okay to make some changes to your schedule.  Life happens and other things come up, but if you miss some of your set hours try to make them up somewhere else in the week.  I do this.  If something interferes with my M-F schedule, I make the time up on Saturday or Sunday. Also, and this is important, treat your business just like a part time job outside the home.  If you stopped showing up to your part time job outside the home, were late every day, were not reliable or didn’t put in 100% of your effort, you’d stop getting checks, because you’d get fired.  With your home business, no one will fire you, however, you will stop getting checks or worse not even start getting any. You wouldn’t do those things with a job outside the home so don’t do it to a job inside the home.  TREAT YOUR BUSINESS WITH AS MUCH RESPECT, IF NOT MORE, THAN YOU WOULD TREAT A JOB WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!  I promise that if you don’t value and respect your business, soon enough you will find yourself working outside the home.  And everyday when you go to that job, you will think to yourself, “Man!  I wish I didn’t have to work this job!”  Well, you don’t, but NOW is the time to make sure you never have to go and get another job again.  Work your business, set a schedule, make a commitment and give 100%!

Mistake #8:  Not setting goals or having an action plan

You need to set goals for yourself so you can always know where you are and where you want to go.  Your goals can be when you want to get to a certain promotion level or income level or how many pieces of business you wish to sign up per month, how many forms of advertising you want going on each and every week, how many full conversations you want to have with prospects each day.  Set goals, define where you want to go, and hold yourself accountable.  It isn’t always whether or not you reach your goals, but sometimes it’s just looking and asking yourself did you do everything possible this week to help you reach your goals.
Mistake #9: Failing to participate in your team’s training calls

A simple and easy to explain mistake.  Most companies with successful teams have MANY training calls available to you each week and they are a HUGE part of your ongoing training to master your business.  You will learn ways to market and advertise, how to talk to prospects, close them and overcome objections. You will learn about your products/services. You will even hear from other successful leaders as they share with you exactly what they did to reach their level of success.  So the fix here, attend these calls!  If you are part time you should be listening to at least two calls per week and if you are full time you should be listening to 3-4 calls per week.  If your team doesn’t have training calls, suggest they start them!
Mistake#10:  Getting emotionally attached to your prospects  
What this means is you talk to a prospect today, let’s call her Mary…and you and Mary have an awesome conversation, you really hit it off and you talk on a friendly level with her and she tells you at the end that she is very excited and will be ready to start on Friday and asks you to call her back at 1:00 on Friday to help her get started.  Then you call her on Friday at 1:00 and she doesn’t answer the phone.  That’s not a good feeling, I know.  It got me down a lot in my business when I was new.  And who knows why Mary didn’t answer the phone, she may have just told you that because she couldn’t tell you no, or maybe her husband talked her out of it or maybe she just got scared, who knows.  The best way to avoid this is to always focus forward and not backwards.  It’s great that you had a nice conversation with Mary last week but don’t focus on that.  Only focus on talking to new people, focusing forward.  If you call Mary back on Friday and she answers, that’s great!!  But if she doesn’t (which happens sometimes) don’t allow yourself to get upset, just bless and release and keep pressing forward.
Mistake #11: Going into management mode
I see this one a lot.  A new home business owner will enroll a team member or two or three and they go into complete management mode.  A lot of new team leaders fall into this trap.  They focus too heavily on training and leading their team members and discontinue looking for new people.  This will kill your business and completely put a halt on earning new checks.  You need to continue working on personal production.  Not only will it help you earn more checks and find great leaders but it is a great example for your team.  If you’re adding business, your team will follow you.  To build a successful team, it is so important to lead by example!!!  This business is a numbers game.  To find the leaders you need to new levels and beyond, you will need to add the quantity to get the quality.  Your first three or four team members will most likely NOT be the leaders that will help you promote to the next level.  Trust me on that.  You will need to add many more than that.  Also, there is a power in numbers.  The more people you have on your team that are also looking for new team members, the more your check will grow!!!  Obviously 30 team members can add more business than just you all by yourself.  So, if you’re looking to reach the top level and a six figure income with your company, you need to understand that volume equals results.
Mistake #12: Quitting before the blessing

The most amazing part of your home business is when you can really start to see amazing things happening in your business.  You start to see growth on your team and real significant growth in your paychecks.  This is something that takes time to start to see, it doesn’t happen right away.  Building a successful home business takes time.  However, if you work your business consistently and with a strong desire to achieve greatness, you WILL reach your financial goals. When you do, your dreams become reality and it is an amazing blessing.  The problem lies when a person quits the business before the blessing.  All too many times we have heard people say, “Its going too slow”, “Things are not happening”, “It’s not going to work for me.”  The thing is, it is going to work.  It works for EVERY single person who stays and works their business.  Building a home business is a lot like being on a diet and exercise plan.  It takes a lot of daily effort and dedication.  A week or two can go by and you may not see the results JUST yet.  Would you quit your diet and stop exercising just because you don’t see results right away? No!  You keep going because you KNOW it WILL work if you keep working hard at it.  Same thing with building a home business!  Easy fix here, do not let quitting be an option for you!  If you are a part of a great company, it will happen for you!  The only difference between you and the successful leaders in your company is that they have been here longer and that’s it!
So there you have it ladies, the 12 mistakes that cause women to fail in their home businesses.  Are you making any or many of them??  If so, no worries, a lot of us did in the beginning of our business.  You can correct the mistakes and start moving forward in the direct of great success from home!!  I TRULY wish that for all of you!  My home business has changed my life!  You ALL deserve that same amount of success and beyond!!
Please share this post with all of your work at home mom friends and family.  Together we can help bring MANY moms home!!
Much love and success,

12 Mistakes that Cause Women to Fail in their Home Business – Part One

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You usually read tips of what you CAN do to help you grow your business.  Well this week I’m putting a different spin on things. I’m going to share things NOT to do in your business, the top 12 mistakes that cause women to fail in their home businesses.  And hopefully, you will read with an open heart and learn from them:)

Each one of these mistakes are very common and about 99% of home business owners make at least one of them if not several. Once the mistakes are acknowledged, they can be easily reversed.  However, these mistakes, if not caught early on, can lead to the failure of your business and some discouragement.  And we want the majority of your days as a work at home mom to be happy and encouraging!  You will have bad days too, but avoiding these mistakes will help you eliminate quite a few of them!

Mistake #1:  Waiting for your enroller to call you and offer help

In this business it is crucial to make sure that you are connected to your enroller.  But don’t wait for them to call you!  Your enroller is most likely leading a large team of people and focusing on the team members that are “in the game”.  The proper course of action is to contact your enroller anytime YOU need help.  Your enroller does not know you are struggling unless you let them know.   They are not mind readers.  Call them, Instant Message them, Facebook them, let them know you are serious and “in the game” and that you have questions or need mentoring.   ALWAYS remember that your enroller wants to hear from you!!  That is what this business is all about!

Mistake #2:  Not being prepared for Dream Stealers

Without a doubt you will come across people, usually friends and loved ones, who might try to steal your dreams.  They may tell you, “You can’t do one of those things, that work at home stuff doesn’t work.”  These people are called Dream Stealers. And most of them feel they are just trying to protect you.  Unfortunately most people are preprogrammed to believe that working a 40 hour a week job for 40 years is the only option and that a home based business is not going to work. And we know that’s not true, that’s why we’re here.  We are among the elite 3% that know there is a better way and are willing to go for it!!  As for those dream stealers, there is a simple fix:  Don’t let them!  No one can steal YOUR dreams unless YOU let them!  And they will come around when you show them the money!

Mistake #3:  Not completing your training

An all too common mistake is when someone is just so excited to get into working their new business they skip the training steps.  This is a short and easy mistake to explain and avoid.  Simply, do your training, don’t skip any steps.  They are there because they are ALL very important to your success.  Remember, when you need help, contact your enroller.   They are there to help however, if you don’t let them know you need help, they can’t help.

Mistake #4: Spending too much time on “busy work”

Starting a new home business is VERY exciting!  There are a lot of things that you can do.  You can get your home office all set up, you can load up on office supplies.  You can spend hours designing marketing supplies. You can take time to write out a business plan.  You can spend weeks reading, training, listening to calls and watching videos online.  All of these things are very exciting and will certainly benefit your business in the long run.  However, your first goal is to make back your initial investment and get to the point where you are earning enough income to cover your overhead.  So it’s important to do just the basic necessities and then jump right into working your business.  Sometimes in the beginning people are afraid to get out and start talking to people.  It is new for them and it puts them outside their comfort zone.  This is normal and about 70% of people experience these feelings and that perfectly ok.  I know I did.  The mistake is made when these people “hide behind” the busy work mentioned above.  That keeps them from having to face their fears.  The way to avoid this mistake is know from the beginning that 15% of your time should be focused on the “busy work” and 85% on actively marketing and prospecting.

Mistake #5: Having unrealistic expectations with income

Most home business owners are looking to be a part of a legitimate business and not a “get rich quick scheme.”  For most of us this statement should be true.  However, the mistake happens when people think, “Sure, I want a legitimate business, I don’t want a get rich quick scheme but I do want to make money real fast.”  Well, there is a problem with this and don’t worry if this is you because about 90% of people feel this way.  There is an easy fix though.  We have to remember the first part, we want a real, legitimate business and those don’t create tons of money overnight. Most new businesses are in business for 1-3 years before they even make a profit.  Fortunately for us it doesn’t take nearly that long.  In this industry, it’s usually only 1-3 months maximum to start making a profit.  Of course that is up to each individual person, how driven and committed they are.  And it is very possible to make hundreds even thousands your first month, many of us have.  I encourage you to strive for your financial goals from the start, however I advise you to have realistic expectations.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  But if you still feel like things are moving too slow, get with your enroller and they can advise you on how to get things moving quicker so you can start building those monthly residual checks we all love!

Mistake #6: Having unrealistic expectations with advertising and results

It takes time for advertising to work.  In most cases you won’t get tons and tons of replies from doing 1 or 2 forms of advertising only 1 or 2 times.  Those familiar with the advertising industry will tell you that it’s about repetition. Doing the advertising again and again is what creates true success.  They say that it takes a person three times of looking at something to actually SEE it.  Think of the work you do each day with advertising and marketing as planting seeds in your garden.  This has to be done in order to see the flowers.  It also takes some time for the seeds to start to grow.  The seeds are working and starting to grow under the soil, but you can’t see it yet even though it’s working or they’re growing.  Then, after several weeks you start to see a little bit of green poke out of the soil.  You can actually now see some results of your planting seeds although still only very small results.  And, if you are patient, before long, you will see beautiful colorful flowers!  A big thing that will help here is for you to work your way up to having five forms of advertising or marketing going on at the very same time each and every week. This can take months to accomplish but make it your goal.  Those who master this have very successful businesses!   If you feel you are not getting anywhere with your advertising, get with your enroller and revamp what you currently have going on. That’s what they are there for and they can help!

Those are the first 6 mistakes that cause women to fail in their home businesses.  Are you making any or many of them??  Keep your eyes out for the next 6 mistakes that will be posted in a couple days.

Please share this post with all of your work at home mom friends and family.  Together we can help bring MANY moms home!!

Much love and success,