Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on all that I have to be thankful for. There is a long mental list, I am truly blessed on so many levels. Just thought I would share some of my list with you:) I am so incredibly thankful for…

1. My healthy, happy kids who drive me crazy at times but light up my life and give me purpose and joy.

2. My family who can be so dysfunctional at times but always feels like home.

3. My Health. Sounds silly at 34 years young, but I lost my sister to cancer three years ago. She was only 28. I learned first hand how truly valuable health is and how without it, other worries can seem so insignificant.

4. My lifelong friends who are so dear to me and understand that when I’m quiet, something is wrong.

5. My home business which has allowed me not only the freedom to be home with my kids, with a more than full time income, but also has helped me to grow everyday into a better person and leader.

6. My team who inspires me and without their hard work, I would not be where I am today in my home business.

7. My attitude which allows me to see things in a positive light and stand up and continue fighting through any storm.

8. God, who loves me no matter what mistakes I make and who seems to always lead me in the right direction… even if the direction didn’t seem so right at the time.

9. For you! Thank you for taking the time to read this and other posts on The Savvy WAHMom. It is an honor to be able to share my heart with you:)

What are you thankful for? I would love for you to share!

With all of that being said…Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!! May your day be blessed and filled with special friends and family, lots of laughter and smiles and delicious food cooked with love!

Many blessings,

What Residual Income Can Do For YOU!

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Having a source of passive/residual income in today’s economy is essential. Back in the day, people flocked to real estate to create their passive income. And they did very well with it for quite some time. However, we all know where that market has gone…into the dirt. In these tough economic times of layoffs and people’s retirement accounts and dreams disappearing, the brilliant financial minds out there like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett now recommend network marketing to people to create their passive/residual income. And before turning your nose up at the thought of network marketing, know that it’s SO much more than the “old school chasing friends and family down” days that have been embedded in people’s minds. There is no more having to approach your friends and family to buy products/services and join your home business. It’s SO much more than that. I’ve been in this industry for almost six years and have never one time approached a friend or family member and don’t ever plan to. LOVE them dearly, they are so important to me and I treasure them but it’s just not my thing. There is a WHOLE world out there on the internet that are looking for a network marketing business from home that don’t need to be “sold” on the concept. When the big dogs, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Warren Buffett put their seal of approval all over network marketing, people started to get their noses out of the air and started paying attention.  The AWESOME thing about creating a residual income with Network Marketing is it doesn’t require a lot of capital upfront, like real estate does, for example. Anyone with a good attitude, persistence and a lot of self motivation can do it. And while those three qualities may weed out many, it still leaves a door open for average people…like me.

So, what’s the big deal about having a residual income?  Residual income is a beautiful thing, you do the work one time and that income continues to follow you month after month, year after year. I am still receiving residual income every month for business I put on the books in 2006! You can’t beat that! This type of passive income not only keeps you set financially but it allows you to focus on things in your life that are most important, your family, your relationships, enjoying life, all those things we cherish but so many don’t have themselves setup to put first. Bottom line, it gives you freedom!!

My sister and I.

My residual income has not only allowed me to be home with my kids for the past few years but it’s touched me on an even deeper level. In October 2008, my family faced a horrible tragedy. My little sister who was only 28 years old was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Melanoma) and given less than a year to live. She fought hard for ten months but we lost her on 8/21/09. During those ten months, I was able to spend time with her for hours just about everyday. We laughed, we cried, we spent quality time together, time that I could never replace. If I wouldn’t have had a strong residual income, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. So I’m truly grateful for my home business and my residual income for giving me the freedom to spend time on what was truly important to me. I worked around my sister, my checks still came, my checks still grew! What a blessing that I didn’t have to worry about finances during a time where money should be the least of anyone’s worries.

We all have things come up in our lives, divorces, sick family members, injuries, child birth, spouses getting laid off, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a residual income already coming to you every month when those things come up?  A guaranteed check in the mail every month certainly makes things a lot easier, I know from personal experience. If you are already working on building a residual income for yourself and your family, good for you! Keep on working hard to grow it, it will come in handy through the years. If you haven’t started to build your residual income, what are you waiting for? Find your opportunity and get to work on it, it is SO worth it!

So grateful for my residual income,

How to Get Out of Your Funk!

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I’ve been noticing lately by the stream of negative and discouraged posts on Facebook, that a lot of the people in my life are in a funk! This does not sit well with me as you all mean a lot to me and I want so much more for you!! So a little advice for you today…

You have to have an attitude of gratitude! I say this to my kids from time to time when life’s challenges come up and they get down on themselves or discouraged about a situation that arises. And my little guy, who is in second grade, will say all proud “Mommy, attitude and gratitude rhyme!” It’s no wonder the words rhyme as they go together hand and hand because when you have a grateful heart, you will have no choice but to have a positive attitude!   

People ask me all the time “How do you stay so happy and positive, Kristie?” Well, I certainly do have my down moments, as we all do, but for the most part I remain in a positive, happy state. It’s a big part of who I am, what I stand for and who I will become. I do this by always focusing on what I am grateful for…everyday! It is impossible to feel down when that is your focus.  

A little skeptical? I have a little mind exercise for you today. Place yourself in a setting where you can really reflect on everything you have to be grateful for. It can be sitting on your back porch enjoying the cool morning air, listening to the birds chirp, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, just sitting with your eyes closed thinking about all the things in your life that you have to be grateful for. Just breathe…in and out….and make a mental list of positives. 

Or if you’re in more of a get up and go kind of mood, put that iPod on and start walking or running. I do this many times a week. I have my iPod loaded with songs that really make me feel blessed and help me to reflect on all the good stuff in my life. A few songs off the top of my head that I have on there, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, “Anyway” by Martina McBride, “Live High” by Jason Mraz and the list goes on. I cannot come home from that walk without feeling energized, rejuvenated and most importantly…grateful!

Whichever setting you choose doesn’t matter. Just put yourself there on a daily basis and watch your attitude transform and your life change for the better! No matter what situation you’re in, you have a lot to feel grateful for. The first being that you get to be here today to read this. With just this moment, be grateful you can read, that you have your sight, that you are breathing, that you woke up today…you have so many things to be grateful for, you just have to recognize them.

Sometimes when I do this exercise, I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that it brings tears to my eyes. Why are so many of us focusing on the bad when there is so much good?

Yes, this world has gone crazy, there is so much negative out there trying to drag us down. BUT, you have a choice!! Are you going to let it drag you down? Or are you going to fight it and BE the change you want to see in the world? Seems like a simple choice. But I tell you, it’s MUCH easier to fall victim to the negativity. That’s why there is much more of that out there in the world. The staying positive and being the change takes work!! It will not come easily, you will have to work at it everyday. The old saying we all know…anything in life worth having, takes work. But you can do it…and it’s worth it:)

Grateful for this day!

Things I’ve Learned on My Journey to Success at Home

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You WILL fall down and hit obstacles in your home business…
   BUT you WILL have team members that care about you and will help pick you up!!

You WILL have MANY people that do not want to join your team or buy your products/services…
   BUT you WILL find MANY that will say yes and will be lifelong business partners and friends!!

You WILL have marketing strategies that will fail or stop producing…
   BUT you WILL find that one ad that will produce incredibly and will help build your business to the next level!!

You WILL have people close to you that will doubt you and think you’re a dreamer and crazy for doing “one of those work at home things.”
   BUT you WILL have a WHOLE tribe of team members and leaders to help you prove them wrong!!

You WILL get discouraged that your business isn’t growing fast enough…
   BUT you WILL reach the top of that hump and start moving at an amazing speed, just like a roller coaster!!

You WILL get hung up on when you call a prospect…
   BUT you WILL have MANY that will be excited to hear from you!!

You WILL have people rudely ask you to remove them from your email list…
   BUT you WILL have people that will respond and enroll and thank you over and over again for blessing their lives and remembering them!!

You WILL have team members quit…
   BUT you WILL have MANY that will stay and not only pay you for the rest of your life but will become dear friends!!

You WILL get tired and wonder if it’s all worth it…
   BUT you WILL remember that working at home for a few years for yourself versus working at a job for 40 years is your driving force!!

You WILL doubt yourself and your ability to reach success…
   BUT you WILL remember your WHY and keep pressing forward!!

You WILL feel guilty about not spending as much time with your family as you’d like while you’re building…  
   BUT you WILL remember that you’re doing all of this for THEM and it’s only temporary!!

For every negative that you experience, there is a positive to get you back on track. Your home business is a journey and there will be MANY emotions involved. You’ll experience the good and the bad. But that’s what makes it great! It allows us to reach inside of ourselves, toughen up and GROW! Let’s talk about perspective…you know, that glass of water, will you focus on it being half empty, or half full?? It’s your choice and an extremely important one. So reflect on it, who do you want to be? Someone who looks for the good stuff or someone that dwells on the negative and sets themselves up for destruction. Choice seems easy, huh? Well, the choice IS easy! Following through is the tough part. Get your support system in place, your team, your mentors, industry trainers and turn to them when you need them! That’s what they’re there for!!!

Focusing on the good stuff,

Monday Mindset Check!

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Hello Savvy WAHMs!!!I hope you are already having a VERY productive and beautiful Monday!!

How is your mindset today? Something that has always helped keep me in the right mindset to work my business is constantly working on personal development. We can have all the skills in the world, but if our mind isn’t in the right place, we’re not going to reach long term success….period.

I set aside a minimum of 30 minutes per day to put something good IN! Right now I am currently working on reading “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins. I read a chapter a day and I am absolutely LOVING it!!! Here is a part that I read this morning that I want to share with you:

One of the most important decisions you can make to ensure your long term success is to decide to use whatever life gives you in the moment. The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if:1. You clearly decide what it is that you’re absolutely committed to achieving.

2. You are willing to take massive action.

3. You notice what’s working, or not, and

4. You continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want, using whatever life gives you along the way.

“We will either find a way, or make one.” ~Hannibal

What type of personal development are you working on right now?

Many blessings,

Should You Work Your Home Business During the Summer?

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School is out, the kids are home, moms are busy! But that doesn’t mean that our home business stops. People still need what we’re offering and people still need to earn an income, including ourselves. So the show must go on. It may be a challenge but it is absolutely NOT impossible!I have a seven and a ten year old and they just started summer break last week. It’s been exciting to say the least. But I’m still working and getting them back into the swing of “Mommy works from home.” Although things are hectic and not as quiet as it is when they are in school, I still always excel in my business during the summers. Actually when I go back and look at each summer of my business since 2006, they have been my most productive and successful months!In the summer of 2006, I was fairly new, I started in May 2006. I was a SAHM mom at the time and I worked my business around the kids, they were two and five. I would make my calls when my two year old was napping and my five year old was watching a movie. It really doesn’t take THAT much time to get those 3-5 presentations in. If you work this business smart and focus on the work that gets results, which is talking to new prospects, you CAN be successful on part time hours around the kids. It’s all about working it smart. Then before and after nap time, I would answer emails or post ads just around my life whenever I had time throughout the day. Doing those things consistently day after day helped me to have a very successful summer. I hit my first promotion that June and ended the summer with over 40 new team members.

In the summer of 2007, my summer was actually very different than the previous one. In early 2007, I went through a divorce and had to get a full time job outside of the home. When I filed for divorce, I had already reached some success with my business. I had hit my second promotion and had built over $1,000 a month in residual income. But it just wasn’t enough yet to support my kids and I on my own. I knew it eventually would be but in the meantime I needed a job while I was building. So I found myself back in the cubicle. But instead of letting that discourage me and slow me down, it fueled me and I went FULL FORCE. So that summer, my kids were in daycare. I didn’t have to worry about making calls at nap times, I made my calls on my lunch break. What I realized during that time of making calls in the Florida heat in my car is that I really missed being at home dealing with making calls around my kids. So I learned to be grateful for that time with them instead of stressing about it. All those calls from my car paid off, by the end of that summer, I hit my third promotion and built an incredible foundation toward firing my boss.

In the summer of 2008, my summer went back to normal. All that hard work I did in 2007, paid off. I fired my boss and was home full time again with my kids. We had our our life back and we loved it. But I was still on a mission to reach 50k in annual residual income. So the kids and I made a plan, we set a schedule and stuck to it. They knew that WE were working on a goal together and that goal was 50k. That 50k was not only going to allow me to STAY home with them, it was going to allow us to get back to the lifestyle we were used to. It was going to give us more freedom. So that summer, we went on a mission. By the end of the summer, I did hit 50k!

In the summer of 2009, our life turned upside down. Earlier that year, we found out that my little sister, Dawn, only 28 years old, had terminal cancer. That summer, we spent most of our time at hospice spending her final days with her. I still worked my business part time around all of it and continued to enroll people weekly. But I did cut my hours drastically. These were days and hours I was not going to get back. I can remember a few times when Dawn was sleeping, that I went outside and made a few presentations here and there. I worked my business around my family. The beautiful thing about this is that even though I did go part time, my 50k income was still there. My check still came every month, my check still grew. What I had worked so hard for in the previous years allowed me complete flexibility to spend time with my sister. My sister passed at the end of that summer. Although it was THE most heartbreaking experience I have ever endured, I’m grateful I could be there for her. Grateful that I didn’t have to miss those days with her because I had a boss and was stuck in a cubicle.

In the summer of 2010, since the previous summer was so hard on my family, we set a goal to have FUN that summer. We had lots of waterpark and beach days, we did all kinds of fun stuff. And that’s the plan for this summer too! If you notice, summer of 2006 compared to today is a lot different. I worked hard my first two summers, made sacrifices, but look where you get with those temporary sacrifices, you get to freedom. That’s what we’re working for here. And while I do have freedom now, I still LOVE my business and still will continue delivering on MY promise to help each and everyone of our team members that work with us, be successful and reach the same level of freedom. So I WILL be working this summer around my fun time with my kids. I will still touch my business for a few hours everyday.

It would be very easy to just sit back and say “Oh the summer months are slow” and just stop working and pick back up in the fall, but it wouldn’t be smart! I’ve enrolled some of my top leaders during the summer months. If I took off and didn’t work those months, I would have missed out on them. We’ve also had SO much success on our team during the summer months, tons of promotions. 

Now I know that when you have kids at home with you during the summer that it can be challenging. But if you start your day with the right attitude that you are just going to go with it and make it happen, you can get it done without stress, without having to yell at your kids all day. I personally try to wake up before them, get my coffee, answer some emails and then I start my to-do list. That to-do list saves me every time. It’s SO easy to get distracted with all the “Mommy, I’m thirsty”, “Mommy, Brittani looked at me.” But each time I walk away from my desk and come back to it after I’m done taking care of them, I can look back at my list and get back on track very easily.

Moral of my story, the summer months can still be incredible months. I know in this industry you will hear people say that the summer months are slow. But the fact is, it will be as slow or as fast as you make it!  Make a choice to continue to work it hard and consistently everyday! You will be so happy that you did!

I Met an Angel Last Night…

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Living life with a positive attitude is a big part of who I am. Its how I have gotten through just about every obstacle I’ve come across over the years…and there have been some enormous ones. But every now and then, even I can fall victim to letting the stressors of everyday life affect me in a negative way. Yep, even I have little slumps; I’ve been in one for a couple weeks. Crazy but true. But it’s so incredible to me how I can snap out of a slump and move right back into a grateful heart and positive mentality with just one instance, one tiny moment can snap me right out of my funk.

I was at Landon’s (my little boy) advanced baseball practice last night and I met, who I didn’t realize at the time was, an angel. He is one of the kid’s dads on the team and we were just small talking and laughing about some of his funny comments to his son. He had such an amazing energy about him. I had never seen or spoken to him before and he was just so friendly. The kind of friendly and kindness that you unfortunately don’t see as often as you’d like to these days. I noticed that he was limping and had a big bandage wrapped around his knee that was bleeding through a little. I just figured he injured himself. Boy was I wrong…

Practice ended for the advanced team and I packed up my things and moved over to the other field for Landon’s recreational team (Yes, he’s on two teams and yes we live at the baseball park…lol). I was talking to a friend, one of our coaches, and he brought up this guy I met and he told me something about him that instantly made my heart hurt and tears come to my eyes. That bandage on his leg was not for an injured knee. This friendly, kind hearted man has Stage Four Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. And once it reaches stage four, there’s not much more anyone can do, that’s it. Hearing that someone has cancer is always devastating to hear but this one touched me on a deeper level. I lost my little sister, Dawn, to Melanoma in 2009. She was only 28 years old. She fought and suffered immensely, like no one should EVER have to, for 10 months until it took her away from me, her parents, her friends and the worst of all…her two children.

I can’t think of anything worse than someone receiving a terminal prognosis. Especially for this man who was watching his eight year old play baseball. Knowing that he will be leaving this earth and his kid behind…wow, makes me tear up just thinking about it. But he still had a smile on his face and kindness to share. What I noticed with this man and my sister is that they are/were literally living each day like it was their last. Appreciating every moment, appreciating every breath. I hear people all around me complaining every day. I complain from time to time, we all do. But what do we really have to complain about??? Is it really THAT bad??? What my sister and eventually this man would give to be here to have all these problems that we sit around and complain about. Food for thought…

I believe that man was the angel that I needed last night. Thank you Dawn for sending him my way. I love you baby girl.

As I sit here marveling at the events that took place last night, I am grateful and no longer have any reason to be in a funk. Life is good…

Appreciating EVERY minute,

Two Simple Words that Can CHANGE Your Life!!

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As I was going through my son’s school folder this morning, I ran across a local kid’s newspaper that is sent home periodically.  I started quickly browsing through it to see if there was anything interesting and I ran across an article that I felt was so necessary to share with everyone I know this morning.  These are rules in which I live my life by and have helped me to live each day with a grateful heart. 
I so often hear people around me complaining on a daily basis and a lot of times I’m known as the “All sunshine and rainbows” girl as I always find a bright side to every daily situation.  I get looked at like I have two heads sometimes by the perpetual pessimists, but that’s okay. I love my positive attitude and I am PROUD OF IT!!!  It has helped me through so many difficult times in my life and I couldn’t imagine where I would be if it wasn’t a part of me.  A positive attitude is really just a choice, a mindset, and if you just change a few things around, how you speak, how you react, etc., it will absolutely become a part of who you are!  That’s when you will see your life transforming on MANY levels.  So with all that being said, here is the article:
“Have to” or “Get to”
By Jon Gordon
Who knew that two simple words could change one’s mindset, perspective and approach to work and life? Just two words have the potential to enhance joy, productivity, performance and change a complaining voice to an appreciative heart.
So often we say things like, “I have to take the kids to practice.” “I have to go to this meeting.” “I have to finish this project.” “I have to go to work today.” “I have to take care of this customer.” “I have to share this new information with my team.” “I have to see my family this weekend.”
We act as if we don’t have a choice. As if we are imprisoned by a paycheck and the expectations of a world that forces us to do thing we don’t want to do. But in reality we do have a choice. We can choose our attitude and our actions. We can choose how we view our life and work. We can realize that every day is a gift. It’s not about what we have to do. It’s about what we get to do.
We get to live this life while so many like Tim Russert and my Mom have left this world far too early. We get to drive in traffic while so many are too sick to drive a car. We get to go to a job while so many are unemployed. We get to raise our children even if they drive us nuts at times. :) We get to interact with our employees and customers and make a difference in their life. We get to use our gifts and talents to make a product or provide a service. We get to eat three meals a day while millions of people are starving. We get to work on projects, answer phone calls, serve customers, participate in meetings, design, create, share, sell, lead and suit up every day for the game of life.
Yes there will be challenges and life isn’t easy but each day we wake up we get another opportunity to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. We get to uplift, inspire, encourage, and impact others. We get to live this life. Let’s make the most of it by remembering that life is a gift not an obligation.
Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did!  Please share this with anyone you’d like!  I know it will brighten their day and could help them make a positive change!
Have a blessed and beautiful day…because you GET TO!!

20 Tips for a Positive Year!

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Hey guys!!  I ran across these tips a few years ago and they have been my “rules to live by” for quite some time now.  SUCH amazing little tid bits you help you live a positive, purpose filled and blessed life!!  And I wanted to share them with all of you!!  Hope you enjoy!

1. Take a 10-30 minute “Thank you” walk every day. While you walk practice gratitude. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.

2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.

3. Buy a DVR, tape your late night shows and get more sleep—it’s the ultimate energizer.

4. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement: My purpose is to ___________ today.

5. Live with the 3 E’s. Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy.

6. Read more books than you did in 2010.

7. Make time to practice meditation, yoga, tai chi and prayer. They provide us with daily fuel for our busy lives.

8. Do the “one thing” you have always wanted to do.

9. Dream more while you are awake.

10. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less foods that are manufactured in plants.

11. Mentor someone and be mentored by someone.

12. Engage in daily random acts of kindness.

13. Clear your clutter from your house, your car, your desk and let new and flowing positive energy into your life.

14. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

15. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

16. Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.

17. Smile and laugh more. It will keep the energy vampires away.

18. Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements:

I am thankful for __________.

Today I accomplished ____________.

19. Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed!!!

20. Enjoy the ride. You only have one ride through life so make the most of it and enjoy it.

Have a positive and inspired day!!!

12 Mistakes that Cause Women to Fail in their Home Business – Part Two

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A couple days ago I shared with you the first 6 of 12 Mistakes That Cause Women to Fail in their Home Business.  Here are the remaining mistakes:
CLICK HERE to read Mistakes 1-6 :)


Mistake #7: Not setting a schedule

This step is so simple but SO many new home business owners don’t follow it.  You really need to set a schedule for yourself.  For example:  I work Monday – Friday from 8-5.  Create a schedule that works best for you and try your very best to stick to it.  This is your own business, so now and then it’s okay to make some changes to your schedule.  Life happens and other things come up, but if you miss some of your set hours try to make them up somewhere else in the week.  I do this.  If something interferes with my M-F schedule, I make the time up on Saturday or Sunday. Also, and this is important, treat your business just like a part time job outside the home.  If you stopped showing up to your part time job outside the home, were late every day, were not reliable or didn’t put in 100% of your effort, you’d stop getting checks, because you’d get fired.  With your home business, no one will fire you, however, you will stop getting checks or worse not even start getting any. You wouldn’t do those things with a job outside the home so don’t do it to a job inside the home.  TREAT YOUR BUSINESS WITH AS MUCH RESPECT, IF NOT MORE, THAN YOU WOULD TREAT A JOB WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!  I promise that if you don’t value and respect your business, soon enough you will find yourself working outside the home.  And everyday when you go to that job, you will think to yourself, “Man!  I wish I didn’t have to work this job!”  Well, you don’t, but NOW is the time to make sure you never have to go and get another job again.  Work your business, set a schedule, make a commitment and give 100%!

Mistake #8:  Not setting goals or having an action plan

You need to set goals for yourself so you can always know where you are and where you want to go.  Your goals can be when you want to get to a certain promotion level or income level or how many pieces of business you wish to sign up per month, how many forms of advertising you want going on each and every week, how many full conversations you want to have with prospects each day.  Set goals, define where you want to go, and hold yourself accountable.  It isn’t always whether or not you reach your goals, but sometimes it’s just looking and asking yourself did you do everything possible this week to help you reach your goals.
Mistake #9: Failing to participate in your team’s training calls

A simple and easy to explain mistake.  Most companies with successful teams have MANY training calls available to you each week and they are a HUGE part of your ongoing training to master your business.  You will learn ways to market and advertise, how to talk to prospects, close them and overcome objections. You will learn about your products/services. You will even hear from other successful leaders as they share with you exactly what they did to reach their level of success.  So the fix here, attend these calls!  If you are part time you should be listening to at least two calls per week and if you are full time you should be listening to 3-4 calls per week.  If your team doesn’t have training calls, suggest they start them!
Mistake#10:  Getting emotionally attached to your prospects  
What this means is you talk to a prospect today, let’s call her Mary…and you and Mary have an awesome conversation, you really hit it off and you talk on a friendly level with her and she tells you at the end that she is very excited and will be ready to start on Friday and asks you to call her back at 1:00 on Friday to help her get started.  Then you call her on Friday at 1:00 and she doesn’t answer the phone.  That’s not a good feeling, I know.  It got me down a lot in my business when I was new.  And who knows why Mary didn’t answer the phone, she may have just told you that because she couldn’t tell you no, or maybe her husband talked her out of it or maybe she just got scared, who knows.  The best way to avoid this is to always focus forward and not backwards.  It’s great that you had a nice conversation with Mary last week but don’t focus on that.  Only focus on talking to new people, focusing forward.  If you call Mary back on Friday and she answers, that’s great!!  But if she doesn’t (which happens sometimes) don’t allow yourself to get upset, just bless and release and keep pressing forward.
Mistake #11: Going into management mode
I see this one a lot.  A new home business owner will enroll a team member or two or three and they go into complete management mode.  A lot of new team leaders fall into this trap.  They focus too heavily on training and leading their team members and discontinue looking for new people.  This will kill your business and completely put a halt on earning new checks.  You need to continue working on personal production.  Not only will it help you earn more checks and find great leaders but it is a great example for your team.  If you’re adding business, your team will follow you.  To build a successful team, it is so important to lead by example!!!  This business is a numbers game.  To find the leaders you need to new levels and beyond, you will need to add the quantity to get the quality.  Your first three or four team members will most likely NOT be the leaders that will help you promote to the next level.  Trust me on that.  You will need to add many more than that.  Also, there is a power in numbers.  The more people you have on your team that are also looking for new team members, the more your check will grow!!!  Obviously 30 team members can add more business than just you all by yourself.  So, if you’re looking to reach the top level and a six figure income with your company, you need to understand that volume equals results.
Mistake #12: Quitting before the blessing

The most amazing part of your home business is when you can really start to see amazing things happening in your business.  You start to see growth on your team and real significant growth in your paychecks.  This is something that takes time to start to see, it doesn’t happen right away.  Building a successful home business takes time.  However, if you work your business consistently and with a strong desire to achieve greatness, you WILL reach your financial goals. When you do, your dreams become reality and it is an amazing blessing.  The problem lies when a person quits the business before the blessing.  All too many times we have heard people say, “Its going too slow”, “Things are not happening”, “It’s not going to work for me.”  The thing is, it is going to work.  It works for EVERY single person who stays and works their business.  Building a home business is a lot like being on a diet and exercise plan.  It takes a lot of daily effort and dedication.  A week or two can go by and you may not see the results JUST yet.  Would you quit your diet and stop exercising just because you don’t see results right away? No!  You keep going because you KNOW it WILL work if you keep working hard at it.  Same thing with building a home business!  Easy fix here, do not let quitting be an option for you!  If you are a part of a great company, it will happen for you!  The only difference between you and the successful leaders in your company is that they have been here longer and that’s it!
So there you have it ladies, the 12 mistakes that cause women to fail in their home businesses.  Are you making any or many of them??  If so, no worries, a lot of us did in the beginning of our business.  You can correct the mistakes and start moving forward in the direct of great success from home!!  I TRULY wish that for all of you!  My home business has changed my life!  You ALL deserve that same amount of success and beyond!!
Please share this post with all of your work at home mom friends and family.  Together we can help bring MANY moms home!!
Much love and success,