What Residual Income can do for You!

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Having a source of passive/residual income in today’s economy is essential. Back in the day, people flocked to real estate to create their passive income and they did very well with it for quite some time. However, we all know where that market has gone… into the dirt. In these tough economic times of layoffs and people’s retirement accounts and dreams disappearing, the brilliant financial minds out there like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett now recommend network marketing to people to create their passive/residual income. And before turning your nose up at the thought of network marketing, know that it’s SO much more than the “old school chasing friends and family down” days that have been embedded in people’s minds. There is no more having to approach your friends and family to buy products/services and join your home business. It’s SO much more than that. I’ve been in this industry for over nine years and have never one time approached a friend or family member and don’t ever plan to. LOVE them dearly, they are so important to me and I treasure them but it’s just not my thing. There is a WHOLE world out there on the internet that are looking for a network marketing business from home that don’t need to be “sold” on the concept.

When the big dogs, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Warren Buffett put their seal of approval all over network marketing, people started to get their noses out of the air and started paying attention. The AWESOME thing about creating a residual income with Network Marketing is it doesn’t require a lot of capital upfront, like real estate does, for example. Anyone with a good attitude, persistence and a lot of self motivation can do it. And while those three qualities may weed out many, it still leaves a door open for average people… like me.

So, what’s the big deal about having a residual income? Residual income is a beautiful thing, you do the work one time and that income continues to follow you month after month, year after year. I am still receiving residual income every month for business I put on the books in 2006! You can’t beat that! This type of passive income not only keeps you set financially but it allows you to focus on things in your life that are most important, your family, your relationships, enjoying life, all those things we cherish but so many don’t have themselves setup to put first. Bottom line, it gives you freedom!!

My sister and I.

My residual income has not only allowed me to be home with my kids for the past eight years but it’s touched me on an even deeper level. In October 2008, my family faced a horrible tragedy. My little sister who was only 28 years old was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Melanoma) and given less than a year to live. She fought hard for ten months but we lost her on 8/21/09. During those ten months, I was able to spend time with her for hours just about everyday. We laughed, we cried, we spent quality time together, time that I could never replace. If I wouldn’t have had a strong residual income, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. So I’m truly grateful for my home business and my residual income for giving me the freedom to spend time on what was truly important to me. I worked around my sister, my checks still came, my checks still grew! What a blessing that I didn’t have to worry about finances during a time where money should be the least of anyone’s worries.

We all have things come up in our lives, divorces, sick family members, injuries, child birth, spouses getting laid off, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a residual income already coming to you every month when those things come up? A guaranteed check in the mail every month certainly makes things a lot easier, I know from personal experience. If you are already working on building a residual income for yourself and your family, good for you! Keep on working hard to grow it, it will come in handy through the years. If you haven’t started to build your residual income, what are you waiting for? Find your opportunity and get to work on it, it is SO worth it!

So grateful for my residual income,

20 Time Management Tips for Your Home Business

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timemanagement1. Create a designated work space. If you have a separate room that you can turn into an office, great! If not, no worries, just make a space in a corner of a room that is ONLY for your business. Make sure the space is clutter free and free of any other things that will distract you. This setting will instantly put you in an efficient state of mind. When you have a designated work space, you can also figure the square footage for that area and use it as a tax write off for portions of your mortgage/rent, utilities, internet, etc. One of the many perks of having a home business.

2. Schedule your time. It is VERY easy to waste your day away. By the time you’ve made yourself a cup of coffee, checked your e-mail, returned some calls and socialized on Facebook, it’s often time for lunch. That’s why it’s important to develop a daily schedule to organize your time. How you structure your schedule doesn’t matter as long as it works for you! When you are setting this schedule you want to account for time you’ll spend speaking to potential business, for training calls, for your team members, family and personal time. When you don’t have a schedule, it is easy to get overwhelmed. What do I need to do? What do I do first? It’s very easy to get to the end of the day and not truly get anything done. The fact is, you cannot be productive when you are overwhelmed. It’s hard to implement your passion when you are in that state of mind. Take the first 15-20 minutes of every day to plan your day. You should never start your day not knowing what you want to have achieved by the end of it. Make a plan. Even a simple post it note with a few things you’d like to accomplish will work!

3. Determine what part of the day you have the most energy and feel the most productive. Then schedule the things that have to get done during that time. If you’re a morning person, for example, you may want to hit the phones first thing in the morning and start calling potential business.

4. Create a to-do list. It’s important to write down your goals for the day, week and month. Not only will you get more done, but you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment every time you check off a task on your to-do list. Prioritize your to do list. Put it in number order, or put stars next to the most important things, highlight, whatever works for you. You can list the “have to get dones” and the “like to get dones”. A to-do list sounds like such a simple idea. But it’s one that is frequently ignored and one that makes ALL the difference in the success of your day. On the days I create a to-do list and stick to it, I am unstoppable. I get so much done. And I feel proud at the end of the day!

5. Focus on what you’re doing. When you’re working on your to do list, do one thing at a time. It will increase your concentration and you will be more effective. Your value will increase and your business will grow! Focus only on what you’re doing. Don’t think about everything else you need to be doing. God knows I’ve been guilty of that. When I’m doing chores, I’m thinking I should be working, when I’m working, I’m thinking about the chores that need to get done. Schedule your time, create blocks of time that are dedicated to only completing the task at hand. So that you don’t feel guilty.

6. Stop checking your email every five minutes. This is a huge time waster and distraction. But we’re drawn to “new”, it’s human nature. It makes us feel good and important. Ignore it when you’re working on something. Every time you check your email when you’re in the middle of working on something else, it pulls your focus from what you were working on and you lose time trying to get back to that task. It will have your mind wandering here, there and everywhere. If you’re working on something important, turn off your email so the dings of new emails coming in don’t distract you. For example, as I was writing these tips, I shut my email down. Try to limit the amount of times you check your emails to 3-5 times a day. It’s very hard to stick to that especially in the smartphone world we live in these days. And I know I check my email many more times than that on some days. But make sure that the number of times you are checking your email per day is not pulling you from the task you are scheduled to be doing at that time.

7. Eliminate Distractions. The TV, Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush, all those things that pull us away from our business and what needs to get done… eliminate them when you’re working your business. We all love those things for entertainment purposes, but there is a time and a place for that… and it doesn’t fit in to your work day!

8. Don’t take personal calls. Obviously we cannot turn off our phone while we are working because we are expecting calls from potential business. However, screen your calls during your work hours. If a friend is calling and you know it’s just to chat, let it go to voice mail and call her back after work. If you were working at a job for a boss, you wouldn’t be able to take that call. Treat your business with that kind of respect and it will respect you back with the success you want and need.

9. Shut the door. This may sound obvious, but it’s hard to screen out distractions when your spouse, kids, pets and neighbors can walk into your home office any time and strike up a conversation. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up an office in a room that has a door that you can close when you need to make an important phone call or concentrate on your work. If that’s not possible, explain to your family that there are certain hours during the day when you will be working and ask them to respect your boundaries. Of course, that’s easier said than done and make take them a little time to adjust to it and take you seriously but keep telling them! One problem I have faced is my family and friends thinking that since I “work from home” that I am just sitting at home and have tons of spare time to “hang out.” I would remind them over and over again that “Yes, I do have flexibility to do things here and there WITH notice.” However, for the majority of the time, I am working and building a business just like someone who works outside of the home and I take this very seriously. It took them a while to respect it and take me seriously but now they do.

10. Log what you do. Something great that you can do is monitor what you are doing on a daily basis. Get to know what you are spending your time on and work on improving and becoming more productive. Logging what you do will make a huge difference. It’s much more effective than just floundering around and letting hours go by without getting anything done. I’ve defintiely fallen victim to that. When I log what I do, I am much more productive. You don’t want to go through the day half unconscious and all over the place and espcecially you don’t want to get to the end of the day and not know what you did. You’ll just feel exhausted and overwhelmed. And that will not create success. Great thing about logging what you do is that you can find out where you are wasting your time, where you’re confusing activity with accomplishment. You will learn that as you log what you do, you will learn your numbers. How many ads it takes to generate the leads you need, How many presentations it takes to enroll an IBO or member, any successful person knows their numbers. If you asked any top leader within Ameriplan about their numbers, I bet they could give them to you. Log all of it. It will help you with goal setting. For example, if I wanted to have 20 enrollments during September, I could tell you how many presentations I will need to make because I track my numbers. Any successful person knows their numbers, they know what they’re passionate about, they know what they need to spend their time on on a daily basis.

11. Multi-Task.
When you’re working at home and you’re talking to someone else who wants to work from home, it’s good that you can walk around your house and talk to them while you are picking up toys and things. I’ve cleaned my whole house while talking to prospects! And it’s even okay if they hear you helping your kids because THEY want to work from home and if they hear your kids in the background, you can use that to your advantage. I love to incorporate my kids into my presentation if they are around. Some people like to purchase a headset to help with multi-tasking or some are comfortable just carrying the phone around the old fashioned way like me.

12. Work in 30 minute blocks.
It’s very easy to flounder around and just do whatever comes to mind at any give moment. Don’t allow yourself to operate that way. Pick an activity and give yourself a 30 minute block of time where you ONLY focus on that one activity. Turn everything else off (TV, Facebook, etc.) and just focus on that one activity. I do this with responding to emails. I will sit down and say “I am going to sit here and answer emails for 30 full minutes and not do anything else.” I keep my eye on the clock to make sure I’m staying on schedule. You could also set a timer for this. I find myself being very effective with my time and getting more done by working in these 30 minute blocks.

13. Ask someone to watch your kids. This is GREAT when you schedule your spouse or a family member to watch the kids so you can get some work done without distractions. You can also talk with some of the other moms in the neighborhood to see if they want to swap out some play days. You can have her kids over and then on another day send your kids over there so you can get some REAL good work in.

14. Ask for help. This can be a tough one for a lot of people, myself included. But you shouldn’t have to do it all… ALL the time (cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, building your business)… delegate some tasks to your family members that will free up some of your time. For example, have your teenage daughter do the dishes, have your spouse make dinner one night, carpool with a mom to your kid’s activities, etc. When we ask for help, and get it, we can be more productive, be happier and reach our goals a lot faster.

15. Use technology. One of the most beautiful things about this age we are living in now is all the technology we have at our finger tips. Texting, Instant Messaging, Facebook, phone apps… use these to help you save time with communicating with people and with your time management organization. For example, in your business, make sure all your team members know they can access you by these methods. A text to answer a quick question is much more effective than a 30 minute phone conversation. If you have a smartphone, look into getting an app that will help you with creating a schedule and to-do lists and set up reminders for things you need to get done. There are tons of them out there and most of them are free.

16. Team Calls. Attending team calls is a huge time saver for everyone. We have a VERY large team. And we all have the same questions and need to learn the same stuff. Jumping on these calls and us all learning together is a huge time saver. For example, imagine a leader on this team who has 30 team members… all 30 of them need to learn prospecting tips. But instead of that leader calling each one of them explaning 30 minutes of prospecting tips, all 30 of those team members can jump on a team call about prospecting tips. Then after, contact their enroller with quick questions. This is not only a huge time saver for the leader but also for the 30 team members so they can focus on getting into action. Also, on our team site at www.careerandfreedom.homestead.com, there are recorded calls for every topic pertaining to this business on the Weekly Calls page. Use that. Bookmark it. Listen to the calls yourself and direct your team members there when they have a question about a specific topic.

17. Our team’s Facebook Group. Another time saver. We are all there asking and answering questions all day everyday and providing the support that you need and deserve. You can get your questions answered there and your team members can as well. If you are not a member of our private Facebook Group “Career and Freedom”, email me at kwooten@ameriplan.net and I will send you an email invite to join the group.

18. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you need to every morning. This is such a simple tip that will make ALL the difference in the tone of your day. You can take 15 minutes each morning to enjoy the peace and quiet before your busy day starts. I personally like to take this time to have coffee and listen to personal development. It starts my day off in a great way. Give it a try, you’ll notice a difference in your days.

19. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and exercise regularly. This will make a huge overall difference in your energy level, attitude, ability to learn new things, how you treat people and how you handle obstacles.

20. Give yourself time to create an efficient routine. Good time management requires discipline and commitment. It’s truly an artform that takes time and energy to master. But it’s an amazing process. You will find that you will think better, work better, you will develop a higher self esteem.

A successful business all starts with good time management. Make it your goal to become a master of your time and everything around you will grow!!

Believing in you,

7 Emotions You Will Encounter in the First Year of a Home Business

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feelingsYour first year in a home business will be filled with a roller coaster of emotions. Here are seven emotions you will most likely encounter so you can be ready and know how to deal with them:

1. Excitement - You just started a business that is going to change your life!  You’re gung ho ready and excited to start building a successful business and residual income!  Then you start going through the training process and now you feel…
2. Overwhelmed - There is a lot to take in, a lot of websites, training calls, reading material, etc. Of course there is though, you’re starting a brand new business.  When you feel this way, talk to your mentor. They will remind you to be grateful that there is a lot of training versus not enough and they will assure you that the feeling of being overwhelmed will fade in the next week or two or three.  Then you will get excited again and start generating leads to talk to.  The leads start coming in and then a new feeling arrives…
3. Fear - You may start to think “Oh my goodness, I need to talk to this person, give them the details, answer their questions. Oh no, what if they ask a question that I don’t know the answer to?”  If this occurs, make the decision to make your reason WHY you’re doing your business BIGGER than your fear and DO IT AFRAID!  When you do that,  you will get to the point where you feel…
4. Happy - Because, YES, you just got your first enrollment, then your second enrollment and you may end up enrolling ten that month.  But then you may experience feeling…
5. Discouraged - If one of those ten quits!  You begin to understand that you shouldn’t focus on the quitter but you should focus on the nine that stayed and continue to press forward enrolling new people.  But then, you may start to feel…
6. Impatient - You may have enrolled 20 people by now but you still don’t see the big, full time income yet. You need it, I get that, I needed it too!  Remind yourself that this is a building process and it takes time to reach a six figure income, it doesn’t happen overnight.  However, you start seeing other people reach big income levels and you start…
7. Comparing yourself to others - You cannot compare your journey to anyone else’s.  It will destroy your focus.  Everyone’s journey is unique. That person you’re comparing yourself to may have been in business for four years and you’re brand new. You cannot compare your day three to someone’s year four. That person may have done many home businesses in the past, and this is your first. That person may work the business full time, and you’re working your business part time.  Everyone’s journey is unique. Your success will come when you stop focusing on others’ success and start focusing on your own!

Now, if these feelings sound familiar to you, you are not alone.  We all go through these feelings in the beginning!  Some of the feelings are fun, some are not so fun.  No matter which one they are, they are all a part of the process and they will make you better in the long run.  I believe we have to go through these feelings ourselves so that when we have new team members that go through them, we can empathize and help them through it!

I’ll leave you with this… anything worth having, will not come easy. It may not be easy. But it WILL BE WORTH IT!!!


They Think I Became an Overnight Success

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untitled1I’m currently reading “The Carpenter” written by Jon Gordon.  I’m only on page 31 and already feeling so inspired. I’m taking a quick break to share with you an excerpt from the book that really spoke to me:

When I meet young carpenters they ask me how and why I am in such demand. They think I became an overnight success. But I tell them, there is no such thing as an overnight success. The way to success is to work really hard for years. You show up every day. You do the work. You see yourself as an artist dedicated to your craft with a desire to get better every day. You put your heart and soul into your work as you strive for excellence.  You desire to create perfection, knowing you’ll never truly achieve it but hoping to get close to it. You try new things. You fail. You improve. You grow. You face countless challenges and tons of rejection that make you doubt yourself and cause you to want to quit. But you don’t. You keep working hard, stay positive, and persevere through it all with resilience, determination, and a lot of hope and faith. Then you make it!  Everyone wants to work with you and the world says ‘Where have you been?’ And you say ‘I’ve been here all along, and hopefully getting better day by day.’ To the world, you are an overnight success.  To you, the journey continues.  You’re a craftsman who wants to make your next work of art your best work no matter what you have accomplished in the past.

Beautifully written and so very true!  Hope this made a difference in your day… and YOUR journey to success at home!

Thanks for the laugh Rodney!

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imagesCAUYFCYIFunny story… Just had a gentleman named Rodney come over to give me a quote to screen in my lanai.  After signing the contract to have the process started, he started asking questions about what I do for a living. I shared with him very briefly that I have a home business with AmeriPlan and he said “Wow, and that’s not a hoax?” Funny to me how the average person is so pre-programmed to think that ALL work at home is a scam. I responded respectfully “I wouldn’t have been doing this for over eight years if it was.” He then continued to ask me more questions (clearly I peaked his interest with my “hoax”) and he asked me how often I work.  I said “Oh, whenever I want really.” He asked if I will be working today and I immediately thought “Umm yeah, I will be writing a blog post about this conversation with you as soon as you walk out the door!” but instead I said “Yeah, I might work for a little bit.” and he said “Maybe you can make a little extra Christmas money with your little home business this year.”  LOL… DUDE, if you only knew!!! Thanks for the laugh Rodney! :)

Those are the types of conversations you can expect to have through the years of building your home business.  I can laugh at them and respond to them with confidence because I have seen the big success. If you’re newer in your business and you haven’t seen that big success yet, still respond to those people with confidence. Your success is coming! Don’t let words like hoax, scam, pyramid scheme, etc. scare you.  Those words are coming from people who are uneducated on what we do.  Don’t listen to the noise!! You ARE in the right place!

Build BIG… and make that “little extra Christmas money” and so much more! You deserve it!

Are you Afraid of Change?

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changeSome people are so afraid of change.  It’s human nature to feel that way, but I think those people need a mindset shift about change. I welcome change and get excited about it!  I haven’t always felt that way, but I have learned through experience that during times of change and discomfort, I have become better… and things I stressed out about always work out!  Change is a time where you can get out of your comfort zone and GROW!  Without change, you become stagnant and plateau with growth, goals and dreams. Change makes you, your business, the people around you and the world a better place.  Embrace change!! Progress is impossible without change!!

MAKE today GREAT!!

To our AMAZING Freedom at Home Team!!

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thank youI want to take a moment today to thank you all for sharing my AmeriPlan vision and for being on this journey with me! I feel so grateful every day that you were brought into my life and that we have the opportunity to work on something amazing together.

As you may already know, I recently reached AmeriPlan’s top level of National Vice President.  I am very much aware that I am here at this title because of YOU guys!!  Thank you all so very much!! I know I wouldn’t be here without you:)

Here is the video of our fabulous leaders presenting me with the NVP award at AmeriPlan’s National convention and me accepting it with our beautiful team leaders:

As mentioned on the video, I had never done a home business before. I had no experience or skills, but I had the desire to learn and make a positive change in my life.  And here I am today… home full time with my kids, enjoying a six figure residual income, driving a beautiful Cadillac CTS that AmeriPlan gave to me and not struggling to pay my electric bill anymore.  Life is GOOD!!

Please know that it is my MISSION to help you each reach this success at home with AmeriPlan as well.  I TRULY believe in all of you and I am here if you need anything!!!

Love to you all! 

AmeriPlan is HAPPY to Serve Us!!

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I LOVE my home business, AmeriPlan, with all my heart! This company has changed my life on SO many levels. We have SO much fun… not only those of us in the field but our INCREDIBLE corporate staff as well which is very apparent in the video below…LOL Well worth a few minutes of your time!!

To watch video, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUv300mQhtgor click below:

Have a “Happy” day!!!

21 Quick Tips to Help You Build a Successful Home Business

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business-success-quotes-224x300People ask me all the time “What is your secret? What is it that you are doing to reach success, can you give me some tips? I want to be a successful work at home mom too!!” These 21 tips are my “Secret” and if you follow them everyday consistently, you too will be a six figure earner in the work at home industry!  I TRULY believe that!

1. Better listening means more enrollments.  Focus on your prospects needs rather than yours. How can you help THEM?  Listen for their why.  Engage with them. You will create a connection with your prospect if they can hear that you care.  This is how you will become a master recruiter.

2. Smile on your prospecting calls.  They will hear the kindness and excitement in your voice.  Take the saying “Smile and Dial” to heart… it works!!

3. Focus on how many people you can talk to versus how many people you can enroll. When you’re focused on results, it can stress you out.  Instead, focus on talking to as many people as you can.  Think of each conversation whether they enroll or not as a success.  When you do this, the enrollments WILL follow!

4. If an advertising method isn’t working, try something else. Don’t dwell on what is not working, go out and find something that DOES work!

5. Do something today completely out of your comfort zone.  Like TODAY, when you’re done reading this!  Whatever makes you uncomfortable but you know in the back of your mind that not doing it is holding you back from success… DO IT!!!!

6. Instead of focusing on the negative, find something positive to focus on. Don’t let negativity overpower your day. You have a choice. Is this going to be a good day or a bad day?  Also, your team is watching you, your prospects are listening to you, Attitudes are contagious, what you feel, they will feel.

7. Be grateful for what you already have.  When you’re focusing on the good things in your life (and you have them, even if you think you don’t), it’s hard to be negative or feel down.  Living with an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference.

8. Make someone smile today.  Spread happiness.  Be Kind. Not only will you make someone’s day, they will turn around and bless someone else with their happiness.  And this in turn will put a smile on your face!

9. Readers are leaders… what are you currently reading? Grab a good book, read a chapter a day and watch your life and your business transform into greatness!

10. Have you listened to a training call this week?  Your team’s training calls are part of your lifeline. No matter what level you are with your business, don’t ever feel as if you’ve arrived. You must always focus on growing!

11. Stay in contact with your enroller! This is the other half of your lifeline. Don’t wait for them to contact you.  They are waiting and excited to hear from you!  That’s when they know you’re serious about your business.

12. Make your team members feel as special as they are.  Be a cheerleader for your team.  Recognize them for every victory, big or small.  It will make their day and push them to work harder!

13. Cheer for yourself!!!  Believe in YOU!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!  Your business will be as successful as you think you can make it!

14. Laugh off your mistakes and keep pressing forward. Take each mistake and learn from it.  Embrace them, they will make you better!

15. Take one day off per week to enjoy your family. After all, aren’t they what you are working for?

16. Make a to-do list every morning.  Sounds simple, right?  This one tip will help you to stay organized and on task.  Try it and enjoy the feeling at the end of the day when you know you’ve had a productive day.

17. Treat your business like a business, not a hobby.  You have to be THE HARDEST BOSS YOU’VE EVER HAD! Respect your business, show up for work, be consistent, and you will earn business income instead of hobby income.

18. Don’t spend too much time on Facebook, pick up the phone!  Facebook is an amazing marketing tool for us in this industry, use it.  But don’t get sucked in to just sitting there all day scrolling through the news feed.

19. Lead by example. Don’t just talk about it, get out there and DO IT!  I never ask my team to do anything I’m not willing to get out there and do myself.  If you want your team to be top producers, BE a top producer yourself!

20. Small action steps compounded over time turn into something great. CONSISTENCY is the secret to building a successful home business!!!  Touch your business every single day.

21. Don’t quit before the blessing. The first year in network marketing is the hardest. It’s new, your learning the ropes, finding your niche, programming yourself to have a business mindset. All the successful people that you see in this industry that have the success that you want, they ALL went through their first year, they all had bumps and obstacles. YOU are not the only one that is hitting obstacles. Obstacles are a part of life. They are a test to see what you’re made of. So if you want success, know that you have to go through all of that first before you reach the blessing. And the blessing guys… is so worth it!

GO for greatness!!  You deserve it!!

Which one tip is your favorite?  Leave me a comment below:) I would love to hear from you!

Cheering you on,

100K in Residual Income with AmeriPlan… Done!!

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cadillac2100K in residual income… wow!!!  WHAT a year it has been!! A new Cadillac, I got married, hit RVP and 75K, just bought a new house and now 100K! I’m so very grateful for this life that AmeriPlan has given me the opportunity to design. I always KNEW this day would come, it was never a matter of IF for me, just a matter of when. That belief system along with a never ending level of consistency, a good attitude and THE BEST TEAM ON THE PLANET is why I am sitting here writing this! And I have to admit, this feels good. It feels really good:)

When I first started this business in 2006, I was a stay at home mom of a two and five year old. I was in a very bad marriage and needed to find a way out, but living the typical single parent lifestyle and letting my kids be raised in daycare centers did not appeal to me at all. We deserved better! So I started looking for a better way, a Plan B. I had been looking for work at home for about two years when I found AmeriPlan. I wouldn’t give anything a try, I was a huge skeptic. When I found AmeriPlan, I got excited! I had finally found a company with elite credentials that operated with integrity. I had found my Ameri “Plan B”!! I came into this business with absolutely NO experience, a HUGE phone fear, no internet marketing skills, no knowledge of the industry, to say I was green is an understatement. But what I did have was a phenomenal attitude and a willingness to learn and GET GOOD at this!! I knew that if someone else was out there doing this successfully, that I could too. I never doubted that for a second. So I got busy, didn’t make excuses and never looked back!!

My journey with AmeriPlan has been amazing, but it hasn’t always been easy. I hit many obstacles and made a lot of mistakes. But I jumped right over the obstacles and decided to turn my mistakes into opportunities to learn and get better. A few months into my business, I went through a divorce, had to give up our home, my kids had to change schools and I had to get a full time job outside of the home about an hour and a half across town. My days were very hectic, I was truly a part of the single mom, rat race. I would sit in my car on my lunch breaks and make my calls. I enrolled a lot of people in that parking lot in the hot, Florida sun! There is no doubt that it was challenging. BUT, I KNEW that it was only temporary! I KNEW that making the sacrifices would be worth it! I set a goal to replace that income in twelve months and come back home to my kids. I didn’t reach that goal in 12 months but I did in 14 months!! The next few months were incredible… home with my kids, building a business that I love, life was good:)

But a couple months later, my family faced a huge tragedy. My little sister, who was only 28 years old, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Because of AmeriPlan, I was able to spend just about everyday of her last 10 months of her life with her. I would pack up my laptop and phone and just go be with her. We laughed, we cried, we reminisced, that time was priceless to me. It was time that I was not going to get back. If I had still been working at a job, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. During that time, I kept working my AmeriPlan business, even if it was just a little everyday. Having the blessing of residual income during that time was HUGE for me. My check still came, my check still grew. THAT is the power of what we are working for here! And during that time, my AmeriPlan family showered me with so much love! I had already known that AmeriPlan was my home but that was just another confirmation that I was exactly where I needed to be!! This is SO much more than a business!!

Of course there are so many that have helped me reach this goal:

A HUGE thank you to my AmeriPlan mom and dad, Janie and Michael:) WHAT would I do without you!! You have been my inspiration from day one! You’ve helped me in so many ways and I’m just so incredibly grateful for both of you. Thank you for always believing in me. You have changed my life and I love you both!

Dennis and Daniel, thank you for this opportunity!!! I hope you realize how many lives your vision has changed and will continue to change. Thank you for giving us all the tools this year to take our businesses to a whole new level… the best compensation plan EVER, the Cadillac Club, all the bonuses and the promotions. I appreciate you both!!

The corporate staff, thank you for all that you do for us behind the scenes everyday!

To my husband Jason, thank you for believing in me and AmeriPlan and for putting up with my “I’m not going to stop working until it’s done” attitude:)

To my babies, Brittani and Landon, you are my everything and the whole reason why I work this so hard everyday! Thank you so much for being so patient and for cheering me on while mommy built our business!! We did it!!!

To my AmeriPlan sisters, Kelly O’Donnell, Maria Rappa, Patti Triplett, Jayme Boyles, Terri Medine-Dunlap, Michelle Stefferson, Winnie Woody, Kathleen Strooband, Amy Jacobs, Kim Blessing, Rotonya Jackson, Theresa Swendra, Michelle Everett, Ildi Veres, Brittany Winfree, Debbie Hanson, Lisa Simpson, Laurie Krawczyk and my AmeriPlan brother, David Mayo – Thank you all for being by my side and making this business SO much fun!! I can’t wait for convention!! :)

To my incredible, unstoppable team, which I wish I could list EVERY single one of your names here, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing this vision with me and for being a part of my life!! I would NOT be here without you!!! You are all so very special to me and I am TRULY looking forward to seeing you all reach new levels in 2013!!

For everyone working on their AmeriPlan dream, you can do this too! I am not anything extraordinary, I’ve just been here a little longer than you. Get to work, make sacrifices, don’t make excuses and don’t let people steal your dreams! They are YOUR dreams and YOU are in control of them!! Be the leader, stay laser focused and keep pressing forward!! It is ALL SO VERY WORTH IT!!! If you want this, GO GET IT!! There is so much opportunity in AmeriPlan right now! We can’t wait to see ALL of you earning 100K and beyond!!
GAME is ON!!!

Lots of love,

Kristie DeGraw
Regional Vice President

100K Founders Club (This is the first time I’ve typed that!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!)